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Brazil has long been a great place for investors to make money. But the investment and banking laws in the country can be complex, so it is important to have an investment advisor that is familiar with the Brazilian system. For over three decades Igor Cornelsen has been the best person for people interested in investing in Brazil to turn to for help. Cornelsen has helped thousands of people to earn great returns on their investments by identifying companies that offer great investment opportunities and helping them to successfully navigate Brazil’s complex banking and foreign investment laws.

Igor Cornelsen is the ideal investment advisor. He spent over twenty years working in the Brazilian banking industry before leaving to start his own investment advisory firm. That experience has given him unique insight into the laws in Brazil that can have an impact on people’s investments. Cornelsen is also very familiar with the companies, industries and stock markets in Brazil and has a knowledge base few other investment advisors can match. Plus, he has a track record for success and a reputation among Brazilians for being the best person to turn to for investment advice. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Since the 1970s locals and foreigners alike have been able to depend on Cornelsen to steer them to the safest, most lucrative investment opportunities. The success Cornelsen has enjoyed is based on more than just his experience in the banking industry in Brazil. He is also known for doing in-depth research on companies around the globe before recommending that his clients invest in them. While other investment analysts base their decisions on second-hand information, Cornelsen has a reputation for basing his advice on the information he gleans from unbiased primary sources like Reuters.

If you are thinking about investing in Brazil, Brazilian companies on the international markets or simply want sage investment advice, Igor Cornelsen is the person with whom you should speak. He has been helping investors to make money in Brazil and in markets all around the world for almost 50 years. There’s no need to rely on inexperienced investment advisors. Get Igor Cornelsen’s advice. View:

Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure specialist has gathered details on Brazil’s country efforts in encouraging more public private partnerships. The federal government passed a law in 2004, that details the basic rules that govern the implementation of public private partnerships. Brazil has the 7th largest economy in the world, and the largest in Latin America and recently reported growth in the GDP. To continue this positive economic progress public private partnerships are becoming more and more popular in the country. Visit to learn more

Felipe Montoro Jens has reports on several examples in different states and cities of public private partnerships. In the state of Bahia, there is public private partnership scheduled to run until 2031. The public private partnership is called the Light Rail Vehicle Project or VLT. Light Rail Vehicle Project is set to upgrade 19 miles stretch, and included 21 stops. The VLT public private partnership project will affect over 1 million people. There is another public private partnership project underway in Piaui. The Piaui public private partnership is upgrading internet connective infrastructure. The public private partnership project is upgrading to fiber optic cables, and the installation of 1,500 access points. This public private partnership project will affect over 2 million Piauians and will cover the area from the southern end of the state up to the coast. Also in Piaui there is another public private partnership projects which is projected to improve the sewer network, and consists of 24 projects. The sewer public private partnership project network is scheduled to in the Teresina, the capital and increase from 24% up to 80%.

The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) is also currently planning the implementation of 57 projects and 22 sectors, as part of R $ 44 billion investment by the federal government of Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens detailed this investment will include infrastructure projects throughout the country in the form of airport solutions, road work construction project and other efforts to lessen the economic burden of the government. Felipe Montoro Jens learned the government company Infraero, who is currently responsible for managing all the major airports in the country will be auctioning about 13 airports to the private sector.



In 2008 Bernardo Chua, a successful and already well known marketing executive, established Organo Gold.

In a world where coffee, tea, supplements and healthy living have become a part of everyday life, Bernardo Chua found a way to bring it all together. Along with OGX, a body management and product system, the X4ever program helps to motivate their customers to achieve their goals of a healthy and active lifestyle thru education, encouragement and convenience.

By introducing Ganoderma, an herb derived from a well known mushroom also known as “reishi” which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years,

into coffee, tea and other products that people consume on a daily basis, Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold have revolutionized the way we view health. Follow Bernardo Chua on Twitter.

The Philippine born Bernardo Chua has won more than a few awards over the years to include the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry, and the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award on multiple occasions.

Along with an amazing product, Organo Gold has a strong online training program and a distributor compensation structure that promotes teamwork with outstanding support, which has enabled the company’s popularity to grow globally since it’s beginning in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Organo Gold not only promotes healthy living thru product and support, the company is also the corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation. The foundation has sponsored many programs and events around the world to help feed and educate at risk children in the Philippines, Nigeria, Mexico, the U.S., and has funded a center in India called the OG Cares Children’s Center.

Because of our love of coffee, notably in the Extended Northwest which stretches from the home of Organo Gold in Vancouver, British Columbia Down to San Francisco, California, Organo Gold has won a place in our lives. The variety of our palates, depending on the region that you go to, from black coffee to the artistic creations of an experienced barista, or the special roasted blend of a connoisseur, has ensured that coffee will always evolve, and Organo Gold with it.

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Matt Badiali is a prominent leader in the business world. He is an expert on energy and natural resources. During his career, he has helped numerous companies plan for the future. Matt Badiali is a firm believer in alternative energy options. Although he started his career in the oil industry, he now works for various solar power companies.

Matt Badiali is also a contributor to several websites. He enjoys engaging with people on social media. In the coming years, Matt Badiali has plans to write a book on the subject of energy consumption in developing nations.

Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

The Oil Problem

Crude oil is the most critical natural resource in the world. The vast majority of people use crude oil for power. However, crude oil is terrible for the environment. Not only does it cause pollution when burned, but the extraction process is also bad for the environment.

Matt Badiali believes that oil is going become scarce in the coming decades. With falling levels of production in many countries, an alternative energy solution needs to be ready.

Solar Power

Matt Badiali is a massive advocate of solar power. Although solar energy is expensive, it has the potential to change the world. Some small countries are investing heavily in solar power. For example, Costa Rice uses all renewable sources of energy. It is possible for nations to rely exclusively on solar power.

One of the best things about solar energy is that the costs are declining. As more people have interest in this renewable source of energy, more companies will offer products and services to increase sales and profits.

Future Plans

Matt Badiali has numerous plans for the future. Although he has a successful career, he is always looking for ways to improve his knowledge about energy. He wants to make a positive impact on the world. He speaks at various conferences each year to teach people the value of renewable energy. Visit:

Dr. David Samadi, the acting chairman of Urology, who also doubles as the chief of Robotic Surgery at the famous Lenox Hill Hospital, is a man whose background suggested otherwise, but he managed to succeed against the odds. He was born in Iran, the country he was raised in, but the Iranian revolution forced his relocation to several other countries around the world. For instance, he at one time moved to Belgium and London before finally making his way to the United States.

Regardless of the inconveniences and the interruptions of traveling around, Dr. David Samadi passion for education was unmoved. In Roslyn, New York, he managed to complete high school education and promptly moved to Stony Brook University on a full scholarship to study biochemistry. While many get satisfied with their degrees alone, Dr. David Samadi had higher dreams. The university degree was only a beginning of a rigorous academic journey. In 1994, he earned his M.D after studying in S.U.N.Y., Stony Brook School of Medicine located in New York. Additional postgraduate training includes studying urology and proctology at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine respectively.

Having specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, Dr. David Samadi has made notable contributions in this area. Apart from carrying out over six thousand prostate cancer surgeries, he has invented and pioneered the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART) that has seen other 90 percent of his patients get complete cure from cancer. In fact, this has made him one of the world-renowned surgeons. Apart from curing the patients, SMART is highly regarded for it ethical concerns. For instance, it is marked by reduced blood loss during surgery, and the number of pain complaints by the patients is meager when compared to those of patients treated using other methods.

The prominence of Dr. David Samadi has been supported not only by his contributions in bettering the execution of prostate cancer surgeries but also his editorial decision to launch Dr. David Samadi TV. This is basically a website that hosts his shows, and he uses as a platform for informing the public on matters related to prostate cancer and the treatment methods. Every Sunday, he records an episode that can be viewed live or later on by willing viewers. Although Dr. Samadi is in one profession that is not associated with social media, he defies the odds since he has a strong following due to his huge presence and enlightening motive.

Contact Dr. David Samadi :

Ted Bauman is a Washington D.C. native and was raised in Maryland for most of his childhood. He would later relocate to South Africa and attend the University of Cape Town, graduating with two degrees in History and Economics. He would spend the next thirty-five years of his career living there as well. His involvement in a host of nonprofit organizations has positively affected the lives of millions of people across the world. One organization in particular is called Slum Dwellers International, which was an effort he helped create that focused on the construction of low-cost housing developments for people in need. He would later assist powerful, world-renowned organizations including the United Nations, World Bank, European financial institutions, and even the South African Government itself. Much of this work was focused on the research and consultation expertise he had acquired with his work in urban housing financing. View Ted’s profile on Linkedin

In 2008, Ted Bauman returned to the United States where he took the role as Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. His career in the industry provided the organization with vast insights into the complex business model of urban development. After five years of service, Bauman left that role and became a full-time writer. He also became heavily involved in research and with both professions combined, Ted Bauman created The Bauman Letter. His works in the publication include his personal insights on economic strategy, as well as using his past experiences to guide individuals in their future endeavors. Investment publication Banyan Hill offers a free newsletter within their Sovereign Investor Daily section which Ted Bauman also contributes a weekly piece to.

Ted Bauman wrote an article for highlighting an important issue that many individuals struggle with, retirement. He recommends that parents need to encourage their kids to save for their eventual retirement as early as teenage years. He notes that many kids at that age at far more concerned with pretty much everything else that exists in the world besides retirement but guidance should still be implemented. His main source for this saving apparatus would be to open a Roth IRA and contribute to it as much as possible. The trick that Bauman recommends is for the parent or guardian to issue these deposits in the form of gifts to the child, which will register with the IRS as non-taxable as long as the total sum for a yearly deposit remains under fourteen thousand dollars. He also comments that using Social Security funds to make deposits to the child’s IRA is also acceptable, but the individual has to be over age sixty-five years of age to collect on this Government benefit and most likely that person’s child or children are well into their adult ages by that time. Visit:


Not many bands know how to climb to the top of the charts and stay there for long periods of time. One band however has been in the top of the charts for the last 2 years. The band, Chainsmokers has climbed to the top and stayed there for the last few years. What started out as a band who has been on stage opening for acts has now turned into a band that many people now show up for as the headlining act.

That kind of success is hard to come by and can be extremely daunting and hard to maintain unless you know what you are doing. For Chainsmokers, they have been lucky enough to maintain that level of success because people can relate to the music they create. One example is their latest single, “Sick Boy”. For those who know their music, they can attest to the fact that this music is something different all together from what they usually perform. These two superstars are on the way to the very top of the charts once more because of their latest music. The latest song is just one of the newest singles to be released that is sure to climb to the number one spot.

When the band met with reporters before appearing at the Conrad Hotel in NYC, they spoke about the latest craze and how the long awaited single was worth the wait. For a band, they were used to releasing a single nearly every month and went to holding out for the “Sick Boy” LP for close to 9 months. While appearing for the American Express and Hilton partnership, they reported to have taken their time to allow for their lives to play out in the music they recorded.

The band loves to release music and this song was different. They wanted to however make sure that they were keeping up with the times that are changing and to allow for themselves to create an era that they may have not been able to create once before. They have been lucky enough to be able to have a label who pretty much lets them do what they want to do without much hesitation.

After its purchase by Gregory J Aziz, National Steel Car gained steam towards becoming one of the worlds most renowned freight car manufacturers. Gregory Aziz is the president of National Steel Car. More technically he is the leader of National Steel Car as the Chief Operating Officer and chairman. The company he leads today, now has over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, and therefore ensures quality. Over the years, National Steel Car, has earned the acclaim of becoming North America’s leading railroad, freight, and tank car manufacturer.


National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Ontario and is one of the world’s premier freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. Gregory Aziz majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. In looking at National Steel Car’s website we can see that they consider themselves industry leaders in the services which they provide. They also ensure their customers high quality rail car construction, boasting their ISO 9001 certification which was received in 2015, as well as their annual TTX SECO award, which they have received consecutively for more than a decade.


National Steel Car has grown today to employ a team of 2000 member. In their credo, they see it a point to honor the traditions of the past while moving forward with determination, and to always lead. In looking at this credo we can 1also see that National Steel Car, under the leadership of Gregory Aziz, find themselves to be innovators in the freight car engineering industry. Gregory Aziz has been with National Steel Car for 24 years, being from January of 1994 to the current. He is listed as being born in Southwestern Ontario on April 30th, of 1949.


There was a point after his schooling where Aziz went on to join his family’s wholesale food business. Greg Aziz was able to help grow his family’s company over sixteen years to become a worldwide importer of fresh foods. After this Aziz was able purchase National Steel Car from ArcelorMittal Dofasco, as steel company, after a run on Wall Street in 1990 as an investment banker. The sale was completed in 1994. James Aziz’s vision with the purchase was to transform the Canadian company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. In retrospect we can see that over the years, Aziz, met this goal with National Steel Car.


He built National Steel Car into a leading railroad freight car manufacturing company in North America, which boasted engineering capabilities, as well as various aspects of manufacturing capability being the increase from 3,000 cars annually at the time Aziz purchased the company, to 12,000 cars annually by 1999. See Related Link to learn more



Looking at the modern business world, you may realize that many young entrepreneurs have come with brilliant products and immense hope to revolutionize the markets. Nonetheless, some of these leaders lack the managerial abilities and adequate knowledge needed to achieve this revolution, though hopeful. What these hopeful leaders need to do is to get more insights and advice from the successful Chief Executive Officers of various companies such as the OSI Group. These CEOs know the entrepreneurial skills needed to beat all the failure odds in business.

Sheldon Lavin is a successful and reputable CEO who knows how to professionally build business empires and lead them. Lavin has been in financial corporations that do large-scale operations for years now and he has gained adequate experience in this industry. He understands what companies involved in food supply need to do to maintain their complex chains. There are many factors Lavin tracks to manage such operations successfully. These factors include technological changes, resource shortages, and technological changes. It may not be possible to use price system to measure these factors. Lavin knows how to manage even companies that consider finicky details.

The profile that David has in the food and meat processing industry is high. As the CEO of OSI Group, David actively participates in many operations of the company. He worked in the finance department of Otto & Sons in 1970 and gained intensive industry knowledge before Otto & Sons became OSI Group. The Group just processed domestic food locally before Lavin’s leadership and vision transformed it into a leading international industry. In over 60 countries, OSI Group has a location in each country. Lavin didn’t just help OSI Group to gain the international scene but also made it contribute to the job growth globally. This made Vision World Academy of India honor Lavin with a prestigious Global Visionary Award on 20th February 2016.

The sustainability and environmental awards OSI Group has received under Sheldon’s leadership are many. Lavin’s philanthropic efforts have also attracted several awards to him recently. He makes serious donations to the House Foundation associated with Ronald McDonald. It is an organization that helps offers housing accommodations and amenities to families suffering from serious illnesses. Lavin’s passion and goodwill to help such less fortunate families all over the world are conspicuous. Sheldon pursued finance and accounting in his career. Through Lavin’s impeccable administration, the British Safety Council awarded OSI Group with Global Honor Award for developing creative techniques that proved to be effective in reducing environmental pollution.

To know more visit @:

The 2017 Christmas season in Philadelphia was made brighter by a toy drive and luncheon sponsored by Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions. The event was held at Christ Haven Pentecostal Church with more than 200 children from infants to teenagers in attendance. These children received toys that they probably would not have received. In addition to the children, there were hundreds of adults who enjoyed the day and an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with friends.

Many saw this day as a chance to establish close community ties that may have been missing in the past. Everyone enjoyed a great meal. While the children were treated to wide variety of toys to take home, the adults interacted, making new friends and connecting with old friends. The children had the opportunity to participate in many activities which allowed them to make new friends with other children from across the city of Philadelphia.

This was not the first toy drive by RPS Solutions led by Kevin Seawright. He has made his company a leader in providing the type of event that brings joy to a community. RPS Solutions is about empowering individuals through home ownership which is affordable. Kevin sees these charitable events and his company as providing economic freedom. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

His partnership with Christ Haven was no accident. The church has always been a leader in providing a space for community events that reach out beyond the walls of the church. The mission of the church includes events such as this that make Philadelphia a good community and place to live and raise children.

Events such as this toy drive and meal show how a private business and a church can combine resources for the good of the community. Philadelphia is a better place because of this event. The ramifications of this get together will go on far beyond Christmas. Adults have new friends and renewed ties with old friends. Children have toys and new friends. Everyone who attended this event will cherish their fond memories. Kevin Seawright and Christ Haven will sponsor this type event in the future due to the success of this day. Read more: Increasing Baltimore Homeownership is Goal of RPS Solutions New Partnership with National Community Stabilization Trust

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