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Michael Hagele has experience giving general counsel for a wide variety of technology related companies. The companies that he works with exist across several industries, including biotechnology, defense, internet and aerospace. In addition to serving as outside general counsel for these companies, Michael Hagele has also founded and invested in several different industries within the hospitality and restaurant industries, making him a well-rounded professional.

Inside the fields of international and domestic internet, software, hardware and telecommunications, Mr. Hagele has racked up an impressive amount of experience when it comes to the drafting, negotiating and closing of various agreements regarding licensing distribution and development. Additionally, Haegele has also gained experience with a wide array of different commercial agreements relating to companies in the technology sector. These include marketing and promotional agreements and intellectual property purchases.

Before working with technology companies, however, Michael Hagele previously counseled many internet companies that were backed by venture capital. While working with these companies, Mr. Hagele’s responsibility was to manage their legal affairs. This included employment issues, corporate governance, intellectual property strategy, administering stock option plans and monitoring acquisition and merger activities. Before working performing these tasks, Hagele worked in Silicon Valley with Fenwick & West LLP. There he worked in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. Mr. Hagele received his education from the University of Iowa and the University of California at Berkeley.

Michael Hagele has commented on his ability to bring his visions into reality, saying that tenacity is of great of importance. He emphasized the importance of not giving up. The optimal results, according to Hagele, are produced by challenging current assumptions and taking advantage of any new opportunities and information as soon as they are accessible.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Michael Hagele believes that putting the customer first is vital for success. An entrepreneur’s purpose to to serve the clients’ interests in the best way possible and, ultimately, improve their lives. View:


Banyan Hill Publishing started out as being called The Sovereign Society. They help subscribers around the world invest their money and protect their assets as well as their privacy. They offer more than 400,000 daily readers a way to invest globally, diversity their U.S. dollar holdings, both create and run an offshore bank account, obtain second citizenships, and otherwise take control of their lives particularly when it comes to finances. They took on the name Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 when the company was rebranded. Check this article at to know more about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is an economist by training who has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He graduated from college in the United States before moving to South Africa around 1985. He helped develop the policies that this country took in the wake of ending apartheid. This included developing both urbanization and economic policies and he also worked as a consultant as well. He served as a consultant to a number of countries in Africa as well as for the United Nations.

It was while Ted Bauman was in Africa that he started to write about financial matters. He published both research and commentaries in a number of globally read publications such as “Environment and Urbanization” and “The Journal of Microfinance”. He decided to move back to America in 2008 when a large Atlanta, Georgia nonprofit made him a job offer. He was their Director of International Programs for five years before deciding to start writing about investing on a full-time basis.

The Sovereign Investor Daily is a free daily financial newsletter produced by Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted Bauman writes for this as well as his own three newsletters. His first newsletter was Plan B Club. This publication walks people through the steps of getting a secondary citizenship and how to move overseas. There are a lot of opportunities for Americans living abroad which he reveals to his subscribers. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

Another newsletter he edits is Alpha Stock Alert. In this newsletter he provides stock recommendations to his readers. He bases these recommendations on the Alpha Code system. Ted Bauman says he developed this system himself plus help from experts on Wall Street. His last newsletter is The Bauman Report. This monthly publication is focused on showing subscribers how to preserve their wealth using personal, investing, and legal strategies. His goal with this publication is to help people hang onto both their wealth and their privacy so they can control their own lives. Read more:


Kevin Seawright’s career path shows that he is a prolific professional who is passionate about serving the public. He began his career as a public servant serving as the City of Baltimore’s Managing Fiscal Officer. He has moved on to hold multiple positions in Baltimore’s government. He also served as Finance Director for Baltimore’s department of housing, and the Chief Financial Officer of Baltimore’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

These experiences helped Kevin Seawright gain knowledge and experience that allowed him to change his career. In 2011 he moved to the private sector, serving as the Vice President of Operations for a Washington D.C area construction company, Tito Contractors. After a short return to the public sector, Kevin used his skills to start his own company. Read more at Markets Insider.

Kevin Seawright now operates Real Property Solutions (RPS), which is a Baltimore based company that builds and renovates residential properties. `RPS works toward the goal of stabilizing Baltimore neighborhoods by providing low cost housing. Mr. Seawright believes that the best way to make the Baltimore area better is to improve the people’s lives. This will lead to a more productive and united community.

Mr. Seawright uses social media to update the public and stay in the loop. He identifies himself on his Twitter page as a “Results-oriented, Effective, Creative and Innovative Motivator”. His tweets mostly serve to update the public on RPS and the company’s progress toward its goals.

One of Kevin’s most appreciated qualities is his unique vision and business sense. This has led him to success in public service and the private sector as an entrepreneur . He is able to identify goals, help the entire team achieve them, and move on to the next goal. This is one of the most valuable aspects of a good businessman and a good leader. Mr. Seawright has dedicated his professional career to service and continues to do so in both the private and public sector.



AvaTrade has been an innovative Forex Broker. It is based out of Dublin, Ireland and gives you the ability to make money trading assets. What can you do on AvaTrade?


Ireland Forex Broker


Before Forex trading, only the wealthy traded options. These were called traditional options. With Binary Options, anyone can trade valuable assets.


In 2006, AvaTrade opened its doors. With AvaTrade, you have a chance to become rich. AvaTrade offers currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices and ETFs for trade.


You can pick your favorite, it might be your favorite company. If they are planning on bringing out a new model, you might bet that their stock will increase.


Forex is easy, you can simply predict if the price will go Up or Down. That is the simplest trading type. You could also choose things like Range or Touch.


Some people perform better in groups. You could use the Social Trading system of ZuluTrade to discuss your strategies. Learn a thing or two from seasoned veterans.


Following Breaking News


Every day, there is breaking news. If you know how it will impact asset values, you can construct a trade. If you think the Dow will decline, then you can make that bet on AvaTrade. If you win, you make money.


The basic concept of Forex is simple: Guess right and win. The execution is the difficult part. But, you can use a number of trading tools to help you succeed.


AvaTrade even allows computer programmers to reconfigure their API. Download the Meta Trader 4 app to trade using your iPhone. This immediacy is a potent feature of Binary Options Trading.


Forex Money Tree


You might not have a Money Tree in your backyard. If you have the skills, you can make money at AvaTrade.


FX Empire gave AvaTrade Best Broker awards for its innovation. AvaTrade offered Bitcoin before other brokers did.


AvaTrade empowers you, you can make money if you have the skills. There are 200,000 AvaTrade members who feel empowered by their Forex Broker.

Sheldon Lavin is the senior officer in the OSI Group, a private company that deals with manufacture and processing of related meat products. The company’s headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois in the United States of America and is involved in the supply of its products all over the world.

Education and work history

Mr. Sheldon is a skilled expert in the field of finances. Even before joining the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was employed as a financial specialist in a certain Bank in the country. He also ran a private business of his own offering financial consulting services to individuals and business groups.

Sheldon’s accomplishments in OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin Joined the company in the 1970s and since then, his efforts in actively working on the success of the company can never be assumed. When he joined the OSI Group, the company was experiencing financial difficulties and therefore he had to seek funds from financial institutions to save it. He extended Sheldon Lavin’s services from offering financial advice to the company to even making oversee investments on behalf of the business. This impacted on increasing the consumer base of the company.

Sheldon actively continued to work for the company aiming at diversifying its operations across the sphere. Later on, he managed to buy shares from the company and finally took over its control. His dream as the CEO was expanding the OSI Group to reach a larger market. This goal has thus been achieved since the company has been able to open approximately 70 centers to offer their products in different nations.

Mr. Lavin has also managed to initiate an exclusive culture in the OSI Group where all workers are taken as a part of the big family. This has really motivated the employees in the workplace and hence low turnover rates of the workers have been reported.62

Awards received by OSI group in Mr. Lavin’s reign

Since his reign as the senior officer, the OSI Group has been able to receive a variety of awards following its success. Among these awards is the 2016 Globe award awarded by the British Safety for the active efforts of the company to offer job opportunities to different people in the world. The company also received other awards for ensuring safety in the company and also on matters concerning the environment.

Sheldon Lavin believes in success in working as a team and therefore appreciates the motivated employees he works with, who have necessitated the success of the company. He argues that the success of every business is centered on the coordination of all parties.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page:

In the role of writer, Jeff Yastine has worked with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2015. Banyan Hill Publishing is a fast-growing company providing independent investment advice to its subscribers.

Jeff Yastine has made important contributions to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily publication as well as their Sovereign Investor Daily. Mr. Yastine strives to help investors grasp some of the financial, economic, and business trends, to make informed decisions. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

Concerning his educational background, Yastine earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in 1986 in Telecommunications.

Besides being a well-versed writer, Yastine was also an Emmy-nominated correspondent and a PBS Nightly Business Report television anchor. Yastine had the part of TV anchor for over two-plus decades. During his years as a journalist, Yastine was fortunate enough to talk to well-known business people like Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, and Sir Richard Branson about finances, business, and more.

Because of these information gathering experiences as a journalist, Yastine was able to become informed and provide critical information to people. Yastine had heard about the future stock market bubble and witnessed it burst in 2000. Yastine was also fortunate enough to glean amazing insights and investing secrets from many of the most successful and world renown financiers and businesspeople alive.

Yastine was able to inform and warn the investing class before the mid-2000s real estate market crash occurred, and also discussed the critical impacts on finance in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Jeff Yastine was also able to visit Cuba two times; once in 1994, and once in 2003. While visiting Cuba, he was able to cover how foreign investments played a role in the island’s economy under the Castro regime.

Besides being awarded an Emmy, Jeff Yastine won the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence along with a group of NBR journalists who produced a half-hour report on the U.S. bond markets at that time.

Jeff Yastine’s reporting assisted those investors who were looking for sound investment opportunities concerning small-cap growth funds in many sectors like agriculture, retail, and the biopharmaceutical business sector. Learn more:


Eric Lefkofsk, the co-founder of Tempus Labs, is considered one of Chicago’s most influential entrepreneurs. He has aided in the startup of companies such as Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, and InnerWorkings. These companies are known globally and altogether house over 11,000 employees in 48 different countries. Each company has different functions of operations ranging from advertising to global marketing, but Tempus Labs seem to stand out amongst them all.

Tempus Lab was founded in 2015 and since then has increased its net worth to approximately $700 million while raising $130 million in funding. What makes Tempus such a powerhouse is its use of genomic data inside of its clinical settings. Tempus runs complex algorithms that gather information from patients throughout history and analyze the information. The data is then collected and studied by the patient’s physician. The physician then is able to make thorough decisions about the best treatment options for the patient.

Tempus Labs have set the tone for other companies in the medical industry with its groundbreaking technologies; which are beneficial when it comes to treating all types of diseases. Gene therapy and gene editing are examples of two biotechnologies found within Tempus that are used to treat diseases that were thought untreatable. Tempus is trying to take medical treatments to the next level by using its own analysis and combining it with the information that it receives from other entities like-minded. Tempus then stores the data and through trial and error, the best treatment options for patients are chose.

Tempus is truly in the cusp of the 21st Century as it uses technology to aid in the treatment of patients. Thanks to Eric Lefkofsk’s background in marketing, Tempus has found ways to gain partners. These partners consist of physicians and hospitals and they share data with Tempus about which treatments seem to work and which ones that don’t. In return, Tempus Labs give access of its genomic sequencing with cutting-edge analytics to the physicians and hospitals so they can find better ways of treating their patients. Cancer patients are among the list of patients that have benefited from Tempus because of physicians using Tempus’s interactive analytical and machine learning platform in a way to make key, real-time decisions.

About Eric Lefkofsky:

Shafik Sachedina Ismaili is one of the leading experts in the dental surgery. He has coordinated several healthcare services which have proven to be successful. Due to his leadership skills, Shafik Sachedina has earned leadership in various organizations.

Leadership experience
Shafik Sachedina has received experience in the healthcare sector for many years. He has worked with several reputable organizations which have enhanced his skills. Shafik Sachedina is currently the head of Jamati Institutions and through his contributions the institutions have managed to run smoothly. His leadership experience has also been enhanced while serving at Jamati Institutions that has always worked in collaboration with Aga Khan Foundation. His success in leadership is associated with the high quality education he had obtained at London University. He also attended Guy’s Hospital and Dental School for further training. Furthermore, he had been appointed to serve as a member of the Ismaili Council at United Kingdom. Through these series of experiences, Shafik Sachedina has managed to showcase exemplary leadership, encouraging young leaders whom he mentors across the world.

Follow Shafik Sachedina on LinkedIn

Leadership at Sussex Health Care
Shafik Sachedina is currently serving as the director of Sussex Health Care. Through his leadership, the health care organization has managed to provide high-quality services to patients. The Sussex institution takes care of the elderly who suffer from ailments like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Because of his passion of caring for the elderly, Shafik Sachedina has led Sussex towards providing best quality case and experience to the patients. The exemplary leader has also been at the forefront of acquiring important facilities that ensure smooth operation at Sussex.

Recently, the company announced that it had established new units at Broadbridge near Horsham to be able to offer services to more people. Shafik Sachedina noted that the facility is fully equipped and utilizes advanced technology to provide outreach, respite, and residential placements particularly for patients who have neurological conditions or brain injuries. The company is planning to introduce services that would carter for individuals suffering from autism, a condition affecting millions of people across the world.

With the leadership skills of Shafik Sachedina, Sussex will continue to witness developments in its services thereby enhancing the experience of clients. Although he has already hit 60 years, Shafik Sachedina remains active in his career and impacts the many organizations through his leadership.

Some people regard all water as being alike but that is really far from the truth. The source of the water really matters when it comes to the health of the water, its alkalinity, its mineral content, and taste. Waiakea Water is a volcanic water sourced in Hawaii that shows what a good premium brand of water can really be all about.

The alkalinity of water really matters. If people know anything about the pH of their water it is that it has something to do with cell and tissue health. How pH is graded is by using a scale that goes from 0 to 14. Something that is 7 on this scale is neutral, something 0 is as acidic as it gets, while 14 is total alkalinity. The body wants to be at a pH of 7.4 for maximum health, so slightly alkaline. Because Waiakea Water is naturally pH 8.8 it can really help people boost their alkalinity right into the most healthy range. Most other brands, by comparison, are in the range of 4 to 7 pH.

Ryan Emmons is an entrepreneur who launched Waiakea Water in 2012 and is this brand’s chief executive officer. He says that by growing up in Hawaii and California he really developed an appreciation for living a healthy life and respecting nature. It was after working as a volunteer in Africa that he grew to really appreciate water and that he could get some fantastic water in Hawaii, launching Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. His water is naturally filtered through volcanic rock which means it contains a lot of very healthy minerals as well as great alkalinity.

Since its founding six years ago Waiakea Water has won numerous awards. Among these is being recognized by the National Restaurant Association with their prestigious Food and Beverage Innovation Award. Good Morning America said Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Food Companies Out There. Another award came during the Best in Biz Awards. This organization gave Waiakea Water their Most Socially or Environmentally Responsible Company of the Year, North America.

Flavio Maluf is the businessman acting as president of Eucatex companies. He is a man that believes that productivity during the work is the best efficiency tool for success in any business. Having worked in the company and gained the experience, he believes that it offers good deals and get a good reputation. This can only happen if you avoid exaggeration during working hours with other employs.

In the late days, the technology has brought the magical gadget referred to a phone which has been affecting working progress. Even though looking at messages or picking calls is necessary but don’t spend the whole time scrolling the gadget. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf believes in never losing focus on anything you plan to do. It looks like the most difficult thing to do but you have to be firm on it. As an entrepreneur, one has to work more so that to earn more especially when they are employed. Time is the factor to consider because they have to be there every time. This will bring progress in their business.

Flavio Maluf being the president of Eucatex Companies, says that there will be a combination of Eucatex companies with Duratex company. In business, there must be goals and targets and therefore by doing so, Eucatex will provide land for Duratex company. Duratex will then do the production of raw material near Duratexitapetinga unit where Eucatex will benefit from their production lines for the thin wood sheets.

The area that Duratex intends to stay and the business to be done is worth R $ 60 million. The farm that is in Botucatu has approximately 280 employees who make a production of more than 200,000 M3 yearly. This is whyDuratex wants to resume their itapetinga factory. The deal was to happen in April.

It was wise for the president of Eucatex to issue the information to his workers in Botucatu regarding the deal they made with Duratex.

The business deal was to be approved by CADE. This deal will make Eucatex Company increase their fiber production by 70%, paint capacity by 30%, and printing paper by 40%. Visit:



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