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He went to Yale University where he graduated with arts in Economics degree. He is a renowned speaker and investor whose contributions to the bank industry is felt within and outside the country. He is none other than SahmAdrangi-founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

In his financial contributions to Kerrisdale Capital Management that totaled to close to $100 billion, many were amazed since it was so much that no any other investor had ever made in the company. As a result, he was able to establish a chord within the alternative community.

Apart from the excellent leadership portrayed in his tenure, SahmAdrangi partnered with the Shane Wilson, an analyst at the Kerrisdale Capital Management. The duo had formulated a thesis, and they were preparing to carry out a campaign to popularize the later within the people. Preparations were underway, and they had set up various presentation materials including a website as well as video clips in addition to power point documents. It was a critical exercise that would allow the people understand the various issues addressed in their thesis.

The areas covered by the thesis included but not limited to the repossession of distressed energy companies or residential mortgage securities. It appeared as if the Kerrisdale “co-investment” was the first because of how the funds were invested on the specific areas such as the stocking of the company that was yet to be revealed to the public.

Reuters had access to an email written by Adrangi, in the email, they found that the New York firm had raised a considerable amount of money within a short time. More to the point, the firm’s worth had been increased to about $10 billion, and they had managed to bring various vital investors on board who promised higher contributions in future.

The purported unnamed company was scheduled for its launch in Mid-May as revealed by a person who spoke on condition of anonymity since the information was strictly not to be shared with the public at the time. The Kerrisdale Capital Management had begun establishing itself in the yet to the company as recorded in the email.

Sahm has served an array of organizations such as the Chanin Capital Partners as advising Credit Committee on restructuring as well as bankruptcy scenarios, at Deutsche Bank as a credit-performing individual and leverage loan financer. He also spent many years at the Longacre Management- the multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

Among all careers in Brazil, law seems to attract hordes of young people with each dawn. Its popularity continues to increase not only among Brazilians but also across the world. There are many reasons behind that the main one is because its law originated from the Portuguese law and thus when combined with some of the rules which come from Brazil it becomes quite impressive. Additionally, it is very marketable because it is complicated and confusing for average citizens to navigate on themselves even when it comes to minor cases. Thanks to that, most lawyers perceive Brazil as an area which is bursting with opportunities for them not to mention that it takes six years to study for the profession. When all these factors are combined, Brazil attracts more and more lawyers, and in 2010 it ranked position three on countries with the highest number of people. Also, there are myriads of law schools in the nation and prominent firms which practice the profession. Among them is Ricardo Tosto.

Who is Ricardo Tosto?

He is one of the most renowned law practitioners in Brazil and is known for his prowess in the field. Mr. Tosto specializes in mass litigation which includes election, commercial, civil and administrative law, credit recovery, bankruptcy, reorganization among many others. Ricardo is the founder of one of the biggest law firms in Brazil known as LeiteTosto e Barros firm where through the highly trained lawyers, myriads of Brazilians are helped with their cases. Ricardo Tosto’s proficiency in the field can be attributed to his long experience in the sector as he has been around for close to two decades and he continues to go firmly in it. Ricardo is a member of the international bar association, and besides law, Tosto is also a renowned author and his articles which address legal matters are a common sight in newspapers and many other prominent journals. Through his expertise, he has made significant contributions in the Brazilian law and continues to make it better for young and upcoming lawyers. Although he is the epitome of success, Ricardo Tosto had a long way coming as he began his journey in a small office practicing corporate law. Today he represents high profile cases, and during his free time he is either writing on legal matters or delivering mentorship speeches in seminars. To watch video click here.

Bradesco is planning to select the next chief executive candidate from the internal candidates of the company. Luiz Carlos is holding the position of chairman and CEO temporarily following the resignation of Lazaro Brandao who is the former chairman. The bank announced that Luiz Carlos would continue serving for the next two years, a decision which was made by the Board of Directors. The regulations require that the president retires at the age of sixty five but Luiz Carlos received a waiver until next year. This means that he will continue to serve as the CEO until March 2018.

A big question for the bank now is who will take up the position of Luiz Carlos when he retires. Some of the names which have come up include the vice president of technology for Bradesco, Maurico Minas who led the technological revolution within the firm. Mauricio Minas worked on the integration of HSBC and developing Next, the digital bank of the firm. There are other six vice presidents who also have a chance of being elected to serve in the capacity. The six are; Andre Rodrigues Cano who is in charge of the Human Resource, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, the director of investor relations, Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu vice president of treasury and credit, Octavio of Lazari Junior who is the president of Bradesco Seguros, Alexandra da Silva Gluher, the director of investor relations, and Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu who is the vice president of treasury and credit.

Bradesco is one of the largest financial service companies in Brazil. The bank is the pioneer of the ATM biometric reading system in Brazil. The system enables customers to be identified through the vascular pattern of their hand working as a complimentary password. The bank offers annuities, insurance pension, internet banking, and savings services. The bank was founded by Amador Aguiar in 1943 in Marilia and later on it moved its headquarter to Sao Paulo. It was the first to launch a credit card in Brazil and the first to own a computer.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the CEO of Bradesco which is the second largest bank in Brazil. He took over from 91 year old Lazaro de Mello Brandao who had served in the position for twenty five years. During his leadership, Brandao created a culture of management which favoured the executives and to promote existing employees instead of sourcing manpower form outside. The bank was to pick from the best seven executives who are knowledgeable and Luiz Carlos emerged victorious.

Luiz Carlos was born on 6th October in Marilia. He began his career journey in Banco Bradesco in 1969 when he was only eighteen years old and moved to the headquater of the company in Sao Paulo. In 1984, he was elected as the Director of the company before being appointed as the vice president in 1999. Luiz Carlos served as the chairman of Bradesco from 2003 to 2009 when he was elected as the chief executive officer of the firm. Luiz Carlos has worked for Bradesco for forty years. He also served as a Board member for the period between 19999 and 2005. Luiz Carlos was promoted to the position of president because of his productivity.

Under his leadership, Bradesco grew and became a leader in the Brazilian market. With 25% market share, the company became the largest in Latin America. Its net income grew to 35% because of his influential leadership at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos was recognised and he has received several awards which include the top one hundred most influential Brazilians in 2009, he was named the insurance person of the year in 2006 and 2007, and named entrepreneur of the year in the finance category in 2015. Visit:

With over 18 thousand completed projects in southern Wisconsin and Illinois, Aloha Construction is an embodiment of a family business scaling the heights of the American construction industry, residential segment. The company has offices in the Lake Zurich and Bloomington areas to be closer to its clients, the majority of whom are homeowners. However, it is not uncommon for other contractors to hire to the services of Aloha especially roof repair or roof installation services. Although Aloha undertakes other home repair services such as the installation of gutters, installation or repair of siding, etc., the company has become renowned for roofing.

Aloha employs an exhaustive nine-step inspection process to establish the integrity of roofs. The holistic inspection process never misses revealing damages on shingles, flashing, attic ventilation, etc. Aloha then recommends either repair of the existing roof or installation of a new one. Aloha is confident of its expertise in roofing that the company offers a ten-year-warranty to any roofing project it undertakes. As if that was not enough, Aloha has entered into a partnership with Synchrony, a leading financier of consumer purchases, to facilitate the funding of homeowners who for one reason or the other are unable to meet the costs of repairing their roofs or other damages in their homes. Aloha describes itself as “Roofers who Finance.”

David Farbaky is an embodiment of smart entrepreneurs who understand that modern businesses should not only provide services that meet the consumer’s expectations but also be socially responsible. Aloha’s home repair services are provided on a platform of honesty, integrity, fairness, timeliness, attention to detail, etc.; it came as no surprise that BBB rated Aloha’s services A+.

Through the Dave Farbaky Foundation, Aloha is accomplishing its social responsibilities to the applaud of its customers and the society in general. Farbaky recognizes the difficulties that the less fortunate kids in the community undergo, and he regularly sponsors shopping sprees for them. Aloha has demonstrated that a business can pursue profits while being concerned with the goings-on in the society. Aloha’s business model resonates well with modern consumer, and the company is likely to find more significant success in future.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the 67 year old CEO of Brazilian banking conglomerate Bradesco, has recently announced that he will be promoted to the role of chairman of the board of directors. This latest move will mark yet another ascent up the corporate ladder of the bank, a process that began for Trabuco almost 50 years ago, when he was hired on as a bank teller, fresh out of high school.

The fact that Trabuco will continue on as the strategic visionary for the bank has major implications for the firm going forward. Thus far, nearly everything Trabuco has done throughout his career has been geared towards establishing Bradesco as the undisputed dominate player in the Brazilian financial space. If he can continue this march towards total hegemony for his firm, the shareholders have a great deal to gain. Still, some stakeholders in the company have the remains of a bitter taste in their mouth as a result of the lackluster performance of the bank during Trabuco’s first six years as CEO. But with the acquisition of HSBC Brazil in 2015, the largest such transaction in Brazilian history, all of the losses experienced in the firm’s stock price throughout the 2010s have been erased. Today, Bradesco is in the best position it’s ever experienced to impose a hard monopoly on the Brazilian banking industry.

Trabuco has been taking his firm in a monopolistic direction

Despite protestations to the contrary from Trabuco himself, everything he has ever done at the firm in a leadership capacity seems to have been meticulously planned in an effort to position Bradesco as a monopoly. Few people have been as deliberate or as ruthless in implementing policies that give the bank a decisive advantage over the competition.

For example, while Trabuco was the head of the financial planning division of the firm, he was the first one to eradicate the socialistic business model that had, up to that time, prevailed across all of the bank’s business lines. Until Trabuco became president of financial planning, the bank had used a one-shoe-fits-all philosophy for its customer service model. The products and services it offered made no effort to distinguish between clients that were of tremendous long-term value to the bank and those that were had little upside.

From studying business and the North American banking model, Trabuco knew that high-net-worth clients could be worth far more than an average banking customer. This was especially true within the realm of Brazilian banking, where the average worker often made fraction of what his American or other developed-world counterpart did.

In this spirit, Trabuco quickly moved to create a tiered banking system, with the top tiers only open to those clients that promised to deposit millions of dollars with the firm. Using the techniques of North American banks and even Las Vegas casinos, Trabuco was able to successfully devise a system that lured high-net-worth clients into the bank’s fold.

He quickly began cornering the high-net-worth client market throughout Brazil and the rest of Latin America. This added hundreds of millions of dollars to the bank’s balance sheets and was instrumental in giving Bradesco a huge leg up on its competition, at a time that was critical to the overall growth of the firm.

Later, Trabuco was an influential voice in advocating for the rapid expansion of the bank through acquisitions. This eventually gave Bradesco a size and economy of scale that it could simply force its competitors to acquiesce to its terms or drive them into oblivion through pricing them out of their own markets.

Such Rockefeller-like power moves have become mainstays of Trabuco’s game plan. For more information on Banco Bradesco visit:



An interview was recently done with Greg Secker, the CEO of Learn to Trade, by CEOCFO Magazine.

Secker is first asked about his basic philosophy. A part of his philosophy is “I am a why guy, I am a why not guy.” He is willing to try anything. He will try anything at any time or place.

Secker is asked about what he studied at university. He studied as built and sold computers while he was in university. He learned how to do code and program. He got a job going programming at Thomas Cook Financial and did programs regarding trading platforms. ab

The next question is about his interest in Forex and about what he did to innovate the Forex process. He responds by saying that the his interest in Forex started when he was working on the Virtual Trading Desk at Thomas Cook. He got to understand the Forex process worked and was able to invent strategies that made him a lot of money.

The interviewer wondered if he has shard his passion and knowledge for trading. Secker says that he did get tired of trading at home. After going to many seminars, he started doing seminars himself in 2003 and has spoken about 6,000 times. He has spoken at many venues.

The last question is about what he would like to do in the future. In the future, he thinks that he wants to help the Filipino people. He believes that people have been taking advantage of them and he is tired of that. He feels that they have low self-confidence. He is going to create a program that will give them the confidence to be successful.

With money from his trades and his speaking engagements, he created a non-profit foundation called The Greg Secker Foundation. The main goal of this foundation is to improve the quality of life for people. This foundation forms partnerships with youth programs to improve communities.

His interest in the Philippines started after Typhoon Yolanda. He visited the country and then founded the Build a House, Build a Home project, This project is to build 100 permanent homers for Filipinos.

Secker is a rich man who is helping the world with his money.

At the end of May, posted an article detailing the creation of Mexico’s first private oil well in 80 years. This change was pushed forward by the country’s plan to increase the number of foreign competitors allowed to be part of their energy markets. The well, titled the Zama-1 well, was placed off the cost of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin. Once built it took another 90 days to drill downwards to the proper depth. Based on estimations, the well will be able to hold over 100 million barrels of crude.

The $16 million project, which began drilling for crude oil on May 21, 2017, is one of the first foreign offshore explorations since 1938. The Zama-1 well is being monitored carefully because it is the spearhead movement which will see if Mexico will keep its waters open for their energy reform process. The roject is being handled by three companies, Premier Oil Plc, Sierra Oil & Gas and Talos Energy LLC.

Talos Energy LLC, who holds a 35% of the Zama-1 well venture, is an independent gas and oil company based out of Huston, Texas. The Talos Energy team has experience in several relevant fields that pertain to offshore production and exploration. While Zama-1 may be one of their first projects in the Gulf of Mexico, the company plans on increasing their amount of deepwater assets in the area. They are determined to use their knowledge of seismic technologies and innovative techniques to not only harvest crude oil, but also explore the unseen depths of the gulf.

Talos Energy LLC has been able to make a name for itself ever since it was founded in 2012. With a positive track record, the company has been able to grow and thrive in a difficult market because the control a large portion of the production process. This allows them to increase production performance, harvest more hydrocarbon with unique drilling techniques and maintain quality throughout the whole drilling process. By saving both time and money, Talos Energy has been able to expand while also giving back to investors. The company has also made sure that safety for both their employees and the environment comes first.


Bob Reina may not be a household, but he’s worth knowing something about. He is a long time lover of animals and has many himself. But that’s not what makes him notable. People should know Bob Reina because he not only cares for many animals himself, but he previously donated $250,000 to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and has pledged another $750,000.


Bob does this because he is a lifelong lover of animals himself, and he says that having 11 of them in the house is enough for the time being. Unless something changes his mind. Through his company, Talk Fusion, he has been fortunate enough to have the ability to donate money in a big way to a cause that he cares deeply about. This also ties in with the core of what Talk Fusion is about. Bob regularly says “with great power comes great responsibility” and that is a part of the core fabric of Talk Fusion.


But Bob Reina’s generous giving doesn’t stop with large donations to the Humane Society. He also gives to many families in need that cannot afford to take care of a situation that comes up with their animals. According to Darryl Shaw, chief executive of the BluePearl Veterinary Partners vet clinic group, there have been many times when Bob will overhear a family having a financial issue and silently take care of the bill for them.


But Bob Reina isn’t being generous to bring glory to himself. No, he is giving some of these gifts in the public light to serve as an example of what people should do. Whenever someone is fortunate enough to have the means to help out their neighbor, they need to step up and help out ( It is this leading through example philosophy that Bob hopes to make an even difference in the world. For if he can inspire others to give in addition, then the charities that they choose to give to will be better off. Not only that, but learning to give is a powerful principle that Bob hopes to instill in everyone.



Securus Technologies serves as the provider of biometric analysis, investigative as well as monitoring tools for corrections in conjunction with law enforcement declared that it has a definitive stock purchase agreement to acquire JPay Inc. JPay is the leading provider of inmate emails, payments as well as tablets products.


This declaration was made close to a year after Securus Technologies said that it would acquire JLG Technologies which is a voice biometrics company.

Currently, JPay is operating in over 33 state prison system. It established electronic payments, email in conjunction with various other entertainment and academically related applications to the correction space.


This new payment implementation set Securus Technologies to the tremendously growing segments in corrections such as email, payments, and most recently the inmate tablets. As a result, we are now in a good position to offer almost everything that is software-based or high tech that the correction agency requires to run modern jail or prison. We as Securus Technologies has appreciated JPay as an innovative force in our industry for many years. We have also kept the track of their consistent achievements. This stands as the best for us to blend our product as well as our teams.


Ryan Shapiro, the JPay Chief executive Officer highlighted that they are ever ready to expand their footprint. He also stated that their products give great value to its constituent which is compromised by the prison staff, Friends and family and obviously the inmates. Their main interest is to develop groundbreaking products and then gain adoption on a great scale. With secure technologies behind them, they can manage to make that happen in a short time duration.


We as Securus Technologies shall keep on operating JPay as an entirely owned subsidiary of the company. We shall also give JPay an opportunity to operate in a similar way with significant advantages from Securus Technologies intensive relationship and credible resources.

The prominence of Obsidian Energy is behind being among the medium-sized firms whose operation are in line with producing oil as well as natural gas. The fact that the business is Canadian adds up to its outstanding features. With its headquarters being Calgary, Alberta. Looking at the time that the company establishment took place, various transformations have been encountered by it. The name that was initially used to refer to it is Penn West Corporation Limited. It is after this that the name reformed to Penn West Energy Trust.


For a substantial duration, it emerged in the listing of the S&P/TSX 60. The illustration of this is the leading sixty firms associated with the handling of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Starting in 2005 until 2011, it took over the role of CANROY. The acronym stands for the Canadian Royalty Trust. Early in 2008, it acquired market capitalization maximally. This is in consideration of a market having an estimated worth $9.5 billion.


Even though Obsidian Energy underwent both the financial and operational shortcomings upon the fall of crude oil rates within 2014, a significant restructuring was done. It entailed selling out some assets as a way of substantially reducing the debt.


Additionally, the oil fields that Obsidian Energy has been found in Alberta. This supplements the Basin that is Sedimentary located on the Western side of Canada. It is worth acknowledging that the locality is among the petroleum reserves that are most significant internationally. The most notable Alberta’s production areas include the Alberta Viking, the Peace River oil sands as well as Pembina Cardium.


The Obsidian Energy has its foundation not only on discipline but also being passionate in the course of executing their routine activities. Also, it consists of several resolutions related to enhancing accountability on the side of the shareholders. It is inclusive of the partners inclusive of the entire society in which the execution of their routine activities take place. Refer to This Article for more information on the company.


It is common knowledge that the most efficient way of dealing with any challenge is through facing it. The Obsidian Energy has thus passed this and is worth being categorized together with those having vast experience in the similar field.



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