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Discover the benefits of nourishing your lips with an all natural lip balm product that costs a fraction of their competitors. EOS lip balm products are widely known for giving your lips superior coverage that will give you long lasting staying power. Are you tired of dull dry lips that crack in the arctic winter cold? You can now, protect your lips from the seasonal elements including the effects of UV rays. They provide organic coverage that comes infused with ingredients that have been trusted by thousands of people for centuries. You will never go back to your old lip balm coverage. Don’t just cover your lips, protect them with EOS.

How Do EOS Products Work?

Evolution of Smooth leaves you unapologetic about your lip balm protection. They offer many delectable flavors that will have your craving the scent and the feel of EOS products. Their products are packed with all natural shea butter and jojoba oil that works great at protecting the delicate skin on the lips. They guarantee to leave your lips feeling silky smooth and sultry with each use. Evolution of Smooth dares their customers to try all of their wonderful flavors. They have become very popular among young teens and adults including entertainment professionals like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. You can saturate your lips with the number one lip balm chosen by your favorite entertainer without breaking the bank.

Evolution Of Smooth Delectable’s

– Mint kisser

– Acai

– Wildberry

– Strawberry (

– Blueberry

– Almond Milk

– Lemon Drop

– Original EOS

and much more…

You can learn more about Evolution of Smooth and receive promotional offers that include free shipping by visiting their exclusive website. You can now purchase EOS lip balm products from the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer like Ulta or Target stores. Retain the youthful luster of your lips with EOS.


Securus Technologies allows parents who are in jail to be there for their children at Christmas when it’s almost impossible. When a parent calls the child through the video system set up by the company, the child can see the parent. As the child gets up on Christmas morning, the child can tell the parent what was received from Santa. The parent can see the child pen presents and look to see what’s in the stocking. It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s a way for the parent to be a part of the special day.


Parents can see their children in their pajamas, rushing down the hall or down the stairs first thing in the morning after getting up on Christmas day. It’s a special time for children as the parent can share the joy of a new truck or a new doll. The parent can see the joy on the face of the child. While the visit might not last that long, it’s a way to show that the parent cares enough to be there while in jail.


Securus got this right. The company understands that a simple video visit on Christmas can brighten the world of a child. Parents are able to see what children open, especially if the parent has been able to send a gift to the child in some way. Each visit is about 10 or 15 minutes, but it’s long enough for the parent and the child to enjoy a little time looking at all of the new toys and gifts that are under the tree.


Who Is Josh Verne?


Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has built up and started several businesses. What is most remarkable is that Josh Verne never attended college. He is proof that hard work and hustle can bring great success in the business world. Another quirky fact about Mr. Verne is that he is the person who patented a Doritos pizza.


Mr. Verne began working in his hometown of Philadelphia. He started out helping his father at his furniture store in Philadelphia stocking items. The furniture industry would provide with Josh with great opportunities. After taking over his father’s store, Josh would expand the retail operations of his father’s store before transforming his furniture shop into a wholesale distributor business. Josh Verne even managed to expand his furniture brand, which he called Home Line Furniture, globally. The firm became known internationally for its quality and value and had a motto of “Make It Easy.”


Josh Verne spent 16 years in the furniture industry. He becoming president of the Home Line Furniture brand before selling it off in 2011. He then co-founded Work Pays Me with Jon Dorfman. This was a payment company that allowed people to purchase items over time through direct deductions from their paycheck. The idea was new and successful. Work Pays Me was sold to the company Global Analytics Holding in 2014.


The latest business endeavor of Josh Verne is a company and website called FlockU. Based on the web, FlockU is a peer to peer content sharing site designed for those currently in college. The concept behind FlockU is that college students can create content that is relevant and interesting to other college students. makes a profit by giving advertisers the chance to directly market to the college student. Josh Verne presently serves as chief executive officer of Flock U and started it up in 2015.


A Few Tips From Josh Verne On How To Be Better In Business


Of the numerous tips that Josh Verne laid out during his interview at a Knowledge For Men podcast, here are a few of the standout ones. He says that one must listen more and speak less. This allows you to realize more of what is going around you, will make you sound more authoritative and help you improve your business. Another tip is to work in a field that you are passionate about. Those who have passion push themselves harder and achieve great things. Josh is a testament to that. For more tips check out Josh Verne’s full interview on the Knowledge For Men podcast.

The leading candidate to assume the chairmanship of Capital, Tim Armour, has taken a prominent role. His role is regarding the fightback of active fund managers against the rise of index tracker funds. Capital has fallen behind a new generation of passive fund managers. It will be a challenge for the company to rebuild its market share after the death of its chairman, Jim Rothenberg, on Tuesday. There is a management reshuffle expected after a board meeting next week. This could include new responsibilities for Rob Lovelace. He is the grandson of Capital’s founder.

Tim Armour’s current role as chairman of Capital’s management committee has been a key deputy to Mr. Rothenberg. He has been championing in-house research. This research is designed to show long-term benefits of specific kinds of active fund management. Over recent years, he has also played a role in Capital’s decision to lift some of the secrecy around its operation as well as engage more with the media.

Sales operations have been sharpened by the company. They have enjoyed the fruits of improved long-term performance records for key funds. This included its historic suite of American Funds mutual funds. Capital’s mutual funds took in more new money than any other group in the first half of this year.

As long as active managers keep fees reduced, do not churn their portfolios, and have a history of portfolio managers investing in their own funds, they can outperform the market in the long run.

Tim Armour is a 32-year veteran of Capital Group. He has spent his entire investment career there. Mr. Armour specialized in analyzing global telecoms and U.S. service companies initially. There is an eight-person management committee at Capital that Tim Armour is already part of. The asset management firm will have a more collegiate leadership structure than other groups managed by a traditional chief executive.

Timothy Armour’s Background

Tim Armour is chairman as well as chief executive officer of Capital Group. He is also principal executive officer and chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. This is also part of Capital Group. Mr. Armour is also chairman of the Management Committee, Capital Group Companies as well as an equity portfolio manager. He has 33 years of investment experience. All 33 years have been with Capital Group. Tim started his career at Capital as a participant in The Associates Program. Mr. Armour also has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College.

Click here to learn more about Tim Armour.

Marc Sparks is a larger than life type of guy. At heart, he is a true entrepreneur. His ability to visualize and decipher a path for a company has worked time and time again. He has started up many companies throughout the years and acknowledges that sometimes success is found and other times failure is.

Marc believes there is nothing wrong with failure and this is part of the learning process. He has no fear when it comes to trying something new or building a business. This type of mentality is critical as he understands that no one is perfect. One of the key attributes Marc Sparks has is consistency. He keeps trying new ideas, through keen instincts and a good support system he has been successful.

As for education, Marc Sparks is not college educated. He even references himself as a C+ high school educated kid. As mentioned above this hasn’t limited his ability to be successful. He has blazed a path few are open to going down. He hasn’t had any formal training and the majority of his ventures have been trial and error. This started right out of high school and at the age of 59 has been through many up and downs. The best way to learn is through experience and never quitting. Marc Sparks has taken this concept and run with it.

One of Marc’s equities firms is Timber Creek Capital LP. Through this business, he is able to fund start-ups and help build businesses. He takes the client through the entire process, laying out finances, short and long term goals and building the business model. He is a people person that wants to deal with issues immediately. This is great as it keeps people on task and accountable, even himself.

A great quality of a leader and entrepreneur is giving back. Marc has given generously to charitable organizations over the years. Two organizations he has worked with are Habitat for Humanity and Samaritan Inn. Samaritan Inn is a local homeless shelter in the Dallas area. One of the key aspect Marc loves about this organization is that they are just feeding people to make it by but to really empower them. Give them the help they need to make a difference and create a sustainable life.

This work can be highly stressful, especially during times of failure. Marc has found that being outdoor helps him deal with this stress. He is an avid outdoorsman, hunting, fishing, hiking and skiing just to mention a few. He also enjoys traveling, and while it’s relaxing he also gains a number of ideas from visiting the different locations and cultures.

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment to billionaire Tony Ressler seemed to pass off without a hitch, but for the former ownership group an unpaid insurance claim they made with AIG is keeping them ties to the team they led over a successful decade. According to Time Magazine, the leader of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment group, Bruce Levenson headed the purchase of the group in 2004 and oversaw an upturn in fortunes for the franchise before eventually handing General Manager Danny ferry a six year, $18 million contract in 2012.

As the sale of the Hawks ( drew closer in 2015 the contract of Ferry and its mutual termination became the subject of the insurance claim made with AIG after Levenson’s lawyers decided the GM’s actions could be seen as constructive dismissal. Bruce Levenson and his legal team began the negotiations over the insurance claim with AIG in April 2015 and believed an agreement had been reached; however, Levenson’s lawyers now state AIG has refused to communicate with the former ownership group or acknowledge their claim in any fashion.

Bruce Levenson has made his name as a business leader after swapping a career as a journalist for the production of newsletters, initially for the oil industry and later for a range of sectors. Levenson and his business partner, Ed Peskowirz, have consistently moved with the times to make sure their United Communications Group evolves to provide the best information in real time via the Internet in the 21st century.

Despite the success achieved by UCG,, Bruce Levenson has never lost sight of the fact his success is rooted in the Washington D.C. and Maryland area, which remains the home of his business group; the University of Washington graduate also focuses his many philanthropic practices on areas in Maryland, Washington D.C., and the Atlanta area he grew to know as the head of the Hawks organization.


Don Ressler has many years of experience as a prosperous businessman and has founded many start-up companies. His first success was, that was later bought by the company Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler partnered with Intermix’s COO to create Alena Media, an affiliate of Intermix Media. This was a division of Intermix that focused on performance advertising and e-commerce and was the company’s only profit center for quite some time. The pair became frustrated when they saw that their creation was being ignored by the big corporation, News Corp, when they were bought in 2005. They decided to leave the company to explore better options.

Don Ressler and his partner gathered a group of people from their former Alena team to brainstorm. The two wanted to create a brand building enterprise that could executed autonomously. After two weeks of intense focus, Brand Ideas was born. Brand Ideas would later become Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty of Don Ressler would be a business focused on brand building and direct-to-consumer driven, whose first success would be Dermstore, an online marketplace that sold cosmetics and skincare products. Two years after the establishment of Dermstore, the company created system Sensa. These store affiliates would become very successful and would gather $43 million in funding in 2008.

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The company launched its third company in 2010, named JustFab. This would be a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. The company very quickly received $33 million in funding. Kimora Lee Simmons joined the quickly successful company as its President and Creative Director. In only one year, JustFab had achieved 4 million members. In 2012, they had crossed the 6 million member mark and had raised another round of funding totaling over $76 million.

After their quick success, Intelligent Beauty began looking for more opportunities to expand. Finding that many of their customers were parents, they took a chance and purchased FabKids, a fashion subscription company for kids in 2013. They acquired another fashion e-commerce site, The Fab Shoes during the very same year. By the end of that year, JustFab had over 3 million members after its acquisitions of the European companies and had completed a $40 million funding series. With this new funding, they created the company Fabletics, created in collaboration with Kate Hudson as an athletic wear site. They also bought ShoeDazzle, a rival, all in the same year. They even took JustFab’s services offline for the first time, opening their very first store. In 2014, JustFab received another round of funding of around $80 million, which brought the their total capitalization to $250 million.

Read about Goldenberg and Ressler’s teamwork on the TechStyle blog
Read an interview of Don Ressler on Brandettes

Handy Cleaning Services has become one of the most interesting startups of our time. This is a company that has managed to build a client base that serves millions of different homeowners around the world. This company serves Millennials that are no longer use phone books. They are booking services for apartment cleaning NYC online, and this is something that can be done with an app for Apple and Android devices.

The creators of Cleaning Services were able to build a a company that would stand as a leader that combined technology booking and quality cleaning that was backed by a money back guarantee. There are not a lot of companies that have this type of guarantee when it comes to cleaning the home so this naturally stood out as a company that has something more to offer.

Homeowners have been impressed with Handy because this company also offers other services like assistance with moving and plumbing services. This expansion of services allows this company to compete outside of the cleaning industry. People that want to minimize the number of different companies that they are doing business with appreciate Handy offers. The workers that are employed by Handy have to go through a background check, and this makes a lot of homeowners feel safer about the workers that are coming into their home. This is one reason that many homeowners have made the decision to all of their work done by contractors from Handy. This saves a lot of time, and it eliminates the need to look for a new person to work every time that something breaks down.

This is a company that provides a lot of different services for people that are not good with tools. It is the company that caters to both commercial and residential customer needs.

Sam Tabar has managed to compile quite an impressive list of accomplishments in his life. His accomplishments are even more amazing when you stop to consider the fact that he is still a very young man. He has consistently demonstrated a wisdom that is uncommon for people his age. There seems to be no limit to what he can achieve. Sam credits his parents for instilling in him a drive and determination to be the best. They also encouraged Sam to study hard and to understand the important role that a good education could play in his life.

The first major accomplishment of Sam Tabar was getting accepted into England’s prestigious Oxford University. Most of the major academic publications annually rank Oxford as the greatest college in the world. It is regularly ranked number one. Therefore, getting accepted is not an easy thing to do. Oxford only accepts a very small percentage of students who apply. Sam made the most of this remarkable educational opportunity. He graduated Oxford with honors and used his outstanding academic record to get accepted into the highly-ranked law school at Columbia University. He earned his Juris Doctor from this school in 2001.

Tabar followed these terrific academic accomplishments with many more in his career. He was immediately hired after his law school graduation by the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. This was definitely a feather in Sam’s cap because this is one of the biggest law firms on the planet. This job also introduced Tabar to hedge funds. He would later become very influential in this particular field. Sam spent three years working at Skadden. His job was primarily to counsel clients regarding the various legal aspects to operating a hedge fund.

Tabar had the desire to get involved in the operational side of hedge funds. Another major accomplishment was landing a job at PMA Investment Advisors. He was not working at this company long before he was put in charge of a $2 billion hedge fund. He would later by employed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the same capacity.


For people living in poverty, there are many disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is that most people who live in poverty usually live in an area where the school district struggles to provide quality education for the students living in the district. The school districts in poor areas tend to struggle to provide quality education for children because the school districts lack the necessary money needed to provide a quality education for the children in the school districts.


As an alternative, many poor areas that have struggling school districts have found a surge in public charter schools. These schools fill a void in many poor areas. The charter schools are frequently able to provide a quality education to the children in poor areas because the money needed to provide a quality education is contributed from various sources. With the needed money, charter schools can provided the level of quality resources needed to offer a quality education for the children who attend the charter schools.


Uncommon Schools is an organization that operates a network of charter schools in a three state area surrounding New York. The organization has a solid reputation in the community for providing quality education. The organization provides education to thousands of children from K-12 range.


Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship with Uncommon Schools that will give one scholarship a year to a deserving graduating high school senior from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship is valued at $5,000. The scholarship can be used to pay for any college related expenses.


Keith Mann is a local businessman in the New York City area. He is the CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Partners, which is an executive search firm. Mr. Mann’s firm helps companies fill executive positions within the companies. Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry.


As the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is responsible for the daily business operations regarding the firm. In addition, he uses his years of experience to assist directly with companies concerning the various needs the companies may have related to finding executives to fill the desired positions within the companies.

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