Andy Wirth Announces Plans to Connect Ski Resorts in Squaw Valley


Skiers in the Squaw Valley are excited about the recent news that Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Ski Resorts will soon be connected via a gondola. In a recent article in Powder Magazine, CEO Andy Wirth says this will allow skiers to soon ski both mountains without driving from one parking lot to the other, a practice that about 20 percent of skiers currently do.
The gondola will border the western edge of Troy Caldwell’s property, possibly run across Granite Chief Wilderness Area before arriving at the opposite ski area. Legendary skier and developer Wayne Poulsen first envisioned the two resorts being connected. This came closer to reality when the two resorts merged in 2011. Yet, it would still not have been a reality had it not been for
Andy Wirth.
When Wirth took over as CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, he quickly developed a new attitude at the resort. Wirth is proud of his heritage in protecting the natural beauty of his area. He proudly points out that his grandfather wrote the Wilderness Act of 1963 and he spent much time as a youngster out exploring wilderness areas. In fact, many of his first jobs were as a wilderness ranger.
If you look out on the mountain early in the morning, do not be surprised when you see Wirth running. He routinely runs 45 to 90 minutes five to six days a week as a way to reconnect with the mountain that he loves. He hopes that the new gondola will allow people to connect with the mountains all year long in ways that are not currently happening.
Wirth’s interest in protecting the environment helped to form a friendship with Troy Caldwell that has let the plans developed. Those who are closest to Wirth know that he is an extremely friendly natural born leader. When he came to the leadership position at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, he used his natural friendliness to set a new atmosphere. Instead of all the legislation that had happened in the past, Wirth developed a close friendship with Caldwell that has let the current plans proceed.
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