Brad Reifler Ventures into A New Frontier

Financial experts regard Brad Reifler as a serial investor, and his bio backs that up. The 55-year-old American is an alumni of Bowdoin College, where he graduated with an economics and political science degree. To get to where he is, the man has overcome numerous barriers. Indeed, his is a story of self-made success.

CrunchBase shows that Brad Reifler began his career in business in 1982 by founding Reifler Trading Corporation, after graduating from Bowdoin College in 1981. Reifler was only but the first of his ventures. He would go on to form other outfits that would be a success. Reifler Trading Corporation specialized in global derivatives. The company was a great success, catching the eye of Refco who would go on to purchase the business outfit in the year 2000.

13 years after forming his first company, Brad formed Pali Capital. Brad became the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He held the position for 13 years, until he quit in 2008. With the experience gained at Reifler, Brad steered Pali Capital to success, registering massive growth in the process. The company managed a portfolio worth over 1 billion, with over 250 employees. Pali Capital spread its wings to the global market, expanding its operations to Austria, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Latin America. In 2008, Brad realized that his partner and some employees were engaging in fraudulent transactions.

Having been the brains behind two successful firms, Brad went ahead to form a new outfit under the name Forefront Income Trust. Again, Brad’s genius came into play. This time, he formed a company that is making headlines with its unique business formula. Forefront Income Trust is a public non-traded interval fund. The fund stands out simply because it focusses on the low and middle-income population. While most funds and investment companies in the States are focused on the credited investor, Brad sought out the unexploited potential of the ignored group. In a capitalist world, this was considered a bold and risky step.

The fund is non-correlated to the equity markets, making it unique from the rest. It also gives the uncredited investor, who forms 99% of the American population an opportunity to invest. Again, the company’s business model is unique in that it focusses on the customer profits before the company profits.
Brad Reifler not only concentrates on making money and offering investment advice, but shares his with the less fortunate. Through Forefront Income Trust, Brad donates 3% of the profits from direct investments.

  1. Leona Callum

    This realization led to him quitting his position and the firm altogether. The donations are targeted mainly at veterans and military families. This approach has proved fruitful as the company has set new records in profit margins. It is greatly what has been able to get back from them all this time and it has helped them a lot too.

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