The Optimism of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) is an essential enterprise to New Jersey’s largest city, Newark. As the primary economic development catalyst for the city of Newark, the CEDC’s role is to attract and develop new businesses, as well as develop small and minority business capacity, and help spur real estate development. This information is available on their website. Their business plan is designed to help improve the city of Newark as well. As of recently, CEDC is undergoing changes to its business to prove that they are continuing to find innovating ways to spur economic growth in Newark.

As part of reinventing who they are and helping spur economic growth in Newark, the CEDC has recently hired prominent financial analyst, Kevin Seawright. his experience in the financial sector, particularly his past experience as the Managing Fiscal Officer in Baltimore as well as being Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for parks and recreation department for the city of Baltimore show how his financial experience helps Newark CEDC. He also has experience working in the real estate and business sector. He gained this experience by working in Washington DC as a strategic partner director for Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors.

Seawright is also beneficial to Newark CEDC because, with his past experience, he provides Newark with innovative ideas. As part of CEDC, Seawright is part of accounting and project management professional. His official title as Newark CEDC is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial. His past work experience in education, local government, and real estate proves that Seawright is the perfect individual to work for Newark CEDC in order to improve their economy.

Beyond Seawright’s contribution to Newark CEDC, this economic development corporation is also looking to relocate in order to save $250,000. It is also looking to change its focus toward building developments in city neighborhoods. With this focus, the Newark CEDC is continuing to find ways to improve the economic growth of Newark. Furthermore, Seawright’s involvement with the Newark CEDC to improve the city’s economy shows that the New Jersey’s most prominent and illustrious city, is in good hands. It also addresses how the CEDC is always finding ways to improve the economy of Newark.

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