Month: December 2015

Yeonmi Park Human Activism in North Korea

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It is the wish of every person in the world to experience good governance and services from the government and its leaders. This involves rights and freedoms not being limited by the government of the day. Some rights and freedoms have been declared universal as a result of them being widely practiced and accepted. Some…

AI and Visual Search Combine to Create Amazing New Opportunities for Shoppers

Posted by in Shopping Technology

Artificial intelligence technology has been advanced greatly to the point where there are many different applications for this technology in our marketplace. Artificial intelligence technology has now been paired with visual search technology to bring the very best in instant gratification to shoppers today. There are now technologies being implemented into apps like Pinterest that…

Shaygan Kheradpir Returns To The Technology Industry With Coriant

Posted by in Tech Leaders

The technology industry has recently seen the return to the boardroom of one of its best known figures in the shape of Shaygan Kheradpir. Fierce Telecom reports Kheradpir has been handed the role of CEO at technology startup Coriant, which has been growing at a rapid rate since being spun out of the telecommunications giant…

Skout Is A Top Ten Mobile Dating App

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The Top 10 Mobile Dating Apps list came in and many applications made it to the top. The Top 10 Mobile Dating Apps list highlights the best and the newest social networking, mobile dating and social discovery apps on the market. This list is compiled by what is used by singles worldwide. An online dating…

November 2015 is a Fantastic Month for NY Real Estate

Posted by in Real Estate Industry

If there was one word that presents a near-perfect description, it would be that the market is outright dynamic. A lot of activity occurred in the market during December of 2015. Overall, anyone interested in investing in New York real estate probably did not see any indicators that would put them off to the idea….


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