AI and Visual Search Combine to Create Amazing New Opportunities for Shoppers

Artificial intelligence technology has been advanced greatly to the point where there are many different applications for this technology in our marketplace. Artificial intelligence technology has now been paired with visual search technology to bring the very best in instant gratification to shoppers today. There are now technologies being implemented into apps like Pinterest that allow you to search for items in online stores based upon a picture. By taking a picture or cropping a product out of an already existing picture, you will be able to find similar products in many different online stores.

Slyce is a company that has been taking advantage of this new technology and even helping to develop this technology further. Technology review reported that Slyce has been working on a visual search app that scans pictures that you take for the products in them. This means that if you see a hat that your friend is wearing and you want to buy it all you will need to do is take a picture of that hat. This will give you options of many different stores and similar hats to buy. Co-founder Cameron Chell has had over 25 years of experience bringing new technologies to market successfully.

Slyce continues to move these technologies forward into the hands of many shoppers who are looking for that instant gratification. With Slyce, shoppers will be able to purchase the things they want before it becomes a fleeting memory. How many times have you seen a product you would love to own only to forget it later on. Slyce is saving companies a great deal of money in potential lost sales.


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