Yeonmi Park Human Activism in North Korea

It is the wish of every person in the world to experience good governance and services from the government and its leaders. This involves rights and freedoms not being limited by the government of the day. Some rights and freedoms have been declared universal as a result of them being widely practiced and accepted. Some international organizations such as the United Nations have also drafted laws that govern on human rights and freedoms. This is however not always the case in various countries in the world. Some governments in some countries impose limitations on how its citizens should enjoy some rights and freedoms.
North Korea is among the countries that have not agreed to allow its citizens to freely voice their opinion on how the government functions are being carried out.
Any attempt to challenge the government is met with resistance from the government through its mercenaries such as the police. This has seen the people of that country keep quiet for fear of being declared an enemy of the government which could lead to various consequences such as death threats to the person or his family members. The government ceased from assassinating those who rebelled against the bad governance due to wide critics from other countries. Some people are however brave enough to rise against the government even with the knowledge of the impending risks to such involvement. Many human activists have used various methods to make it known to the public that the acts of the government are bad, and there is need for change. One of the human activists that have risen against the current regime is Yeonmi Park who is a young woman displeased by the bad governance. She experienced a tough childhood where her parents were forced to flee to other countries in fear of their lives for criticizing the government.
The government of North Korea has tried to fight back the allegations by naming Yeonmi Park as a puppet of the Western Countries used to fight the government of North Korea. The government through a video published in the official website explained how Yeonmi is a traitor being used to bring down the government. Through her campaign, Yeonmi Park earned herself a scholarship to study criminal justice in Dongguk University based in Seoul.

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    Worrying about others is just the way most of us live our lives and it means that the world will be a better place. Because, superiorpaper is well spaced and used to make work easier to be done. I am sure that making ones activist desire a lifestyle is like doing something for yourself.

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