Month: January 2016

Sergio Cortes: New Insights on Zika Virus

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“We feel distant from everyone else here. We have been forgotten by the state,” says Marilia Lima, who is supporting her two and a half month old child, Arthur, against her mid-section. Arthur is one of about 3,500 young children who has been conceived with microcephaly, which is a conception defect that has been connected…

The Best Real Estate Training Program For Agents

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Do you dream of being the best real estate agent? Not just the best but also knowledgeable if the emerging trends in real estate. Do you want to be that agent that closes big real estate deals worth millions of dollars? Do you want the biggest and most popular real estate companies to be after…

Russian Book Burning Seems to Support Soros’ Prediction

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  On January 7, multi-billionaire financial leader George Soros predicted that the current state of the world might lead to another recession because events are similar to those that happened just before the Great Recession at the end of 2007 going into 2008. One event that has convinced other financial experts that Soros might be…

Helane Morrison Is Exhibiting the Growing Need for Compliance Officers

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Helane Morrison is a member of the Executive Committee, of the Hall Capital Partners. Ms. Helene is also the Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director and the General Counsel of the firm. She headed the San Francisco office of the U.S. SEC from 1999 to 2007; this was before joining the Hall Capital Partners LLC. Here…

Paul Evans Shoes Cut Out The Middle Man

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The shoe business is a very tricky place. Many people never bother to pay attention to how much work goes into the shoes they wear. They never pay attention to how they’re made and who exactly makes them. If they did, a person would truly learn why certain shoes cost a certain amount. They would…

Abelow Will Help You File Your Family Documents

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You are planning your wedding and you have a few concerns. What happens to the house you already own, if you and your spouse get divorced. I know it is creepy to be thinking about a divorce while planning your wedding. Unfortunately, not everything goes as you plan. You can dream of that beautiful house…

Soros Worries About 2008 Repeat

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The billionaire investor George Soros has warned investors that the current market conditions are similar to conditions last seen in 2008. This of course is worrying to investors because 2008 and 2009 were such bad years for investing and for the economy as a whole. There are two major things in the economy that are…

Hiring a Qualified Family Law Expert to Help Divide Assets

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Dividing assets during a separation or divorce can be challenging. Some couples feel that all that is needed is a verbal agreement or a handshake. While it is true that one or both parties may be faithful to the agreement, it is much better for the dividing of assets to be formalized. Before this can…

Prominent Michigan Family Donates One Million to Kennedy Center Expansion

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The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has surpassed its fundraising goal of $125 million dollars for an expansion project. As a matter of fact, since the fundraiser has gone so well, they have now moved the goal to include another $50 million dollars. The rather large expansion of the center will offer new…

Real Estate Sales Records set at a New High in New York as Records are Shuttered in 2015

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In real estate, the rule of thumb is that prices only keep rising and 2015 just set a new precedent. The year saw mega and record sales shuttering nearly all existing records in New York City apartments for rent. The year was one of the best in recent times in the real estate and brokerage…


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