Real Estate Sales Records set at a New High in New York as Records are Shuttered in 2015

In real estate, the rule of thumb is that prices only keep rising and 2015 just set a new precedent. The year saw mega and record sales shuttering nearly all existing records in New York City apartments for rent. The year was one of the best in recent times in the real estate and brokerage firms together with other dealers remain optimistic that this is only the beginning of a continued record-breaking trend going into 2016.

According to a post highlighting the year that was for the real estate industry by the New York Times, even penthouses and condominiums hit the six-figure sales mark in the year. For instance, Extell developers recorded the highest closing price for a penthouse in midtown that sold for $100.47 million while a central facing condominium set the pace for the condos with a nine-figure record. The post also noted with anticipation how Brooklyn has become quite a desirable place for potential homeowners.

Real estate brokers and market observers remain highly optimistic that this upward surge in prices will continue going into the future. Most of these have been tracing the value of condominiums, townhouses, and co-op apartments and comparing their prices with others in the city and the country. Going by the statistics, the New York is setting the pace for the national real estate market. Real estate brokers that form the New York real estate market drivers, especially Town Residential Company have been carefully monitoring the attention most marketers are paying to Brooklyn, the new residential hub.

About town residential
Town Residential is a real estate brokerage firm in New York serving the high-end and luxury estate seekers in the market. The company has little over six years of operation having been founded in 2010 but its reputation precedes its experience. In that short life span of time, the company has grown to one of the industry leaders in New York’s real estate market.
Town Residential specializes in the sale, leasing, and marketing of luxurious estates in New York. To adequately cover its umbrella of operations, the company engaged some of the industries most experienced personalities to improve its efficiency. These are in charge of running the company operations and take the company’s clients through the rigors of real estate.


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