Hiring a Qualified Family Law Expert to Help Divide Assets

Dividing assets during a separation or divorce can be challenging. Some couples feel that all that is needed is a verbal agreement or a handshake. While it is true that one or both parties may be faithful to the agreement, it is much better for the dividing of assets to be formalized. Before this can happen, each couple will need to hire a family law attorney to help them. There are many well-qualified family law specialist in the New York City area. One such lawyer is Ross Abelow. He has been practicing family and marital law for many years. He went to the State University of New York at Albany and graduated from the Brooklyn Law school. He was admitted in 1989.

There are a few benefits that come from formalizing how assets will be divided in Family Court. The very first benefit that comes is that a person will have the freedom to make financial decisions after the divorce or separation on their own without worrying and about any Family Court claims in the future. Once a formal agreement has been made, they do not have to worry about transferring cash or property to the other individual outside of the limits of the formalized agreement. Second, there are some tax benefits that are at times applicable after an agreement has been finalized through Family Court. And third, the Family Law Act does not recognize verbal agreements.

It is essential for divorcing or separating couple to work with a family law attorney. This is the very first step that needs to be taken before considering filing any kind of applications or paperwork. When speaking with an attorney, it is important to not only ask about their credentials, but also their experience. They want to find out how many cases the lawyer has worked on, how many cases they have won, and what kind of cases they have worked on. Ross Abelow is well known in the New York City area for working with family law and marital law. An experienced lawyer like Ross Abelow will be able to help his client to cover all relevant matters in the orders that are presented in Family Court. If a person does not find a qualified family law specialist to help them, they may end up requesting something that was not fully intended. A well-qualified family law expert is beneficial to both parties now and in the future.

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