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You are planning your wedding and you have a few concerns. What happens to the house you already own, if you and your spouse get divorced. I know it is creepy to be thinking about a divorce while planning your wedding. Unfortunately, not everything goes as you plan. You can dream of that beautiful house with the white picket fence and 2.3 kids. You can believe in the promise of eternal love. Sometimes things don’t work out like that and you need an attorney to handle divorces. Well, Ross-Martin Abelow, a New York attorney, specializes in legal contracts and papers that you may run across in marriage or divorce. If you are worried about the house in the Hamptons, you may wish to draw up a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding. This is becoming increasingly normal. And this protects you and your spouse if your marriage does not work.

What about the 2.3 kids? An attorney can take care of this issue as well. Your kids will either be in the care of one parent or both. Let an attorney make these legal papers up for you. Yes, stress your wishes but do rely on an attorney to draw up divorce or custody papers for you. After the papers are drawn up, the attorney will file them with the court system. A judge will sign them and they will be on file. You want the best for your children even if it means they spend weekends with their father or mother and you have them the rest of the time.

Legal issues are tough sometimes. Your parents pass away and you are unable to read the will that they left. It was written on notebook paper and signed by two of their friends. Is this a legal binding will? If this is the last dated wishes of your parents and it has witnesses, yes it is legal and binding. Contesting a will is difficult when the signatures are witnessed by others. If you want you will read, contact a good lawyer such as Abelow to read it for you. He will make sure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.

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