Feeding your dog like you best friend

Dogs are more than pets, they truly are our best friends and companions, they are family. The quality of the food we feed or dogs, should reflect the quality of the life they bring to us. More and more we are feeding our pets as we feed our families, with high quality delicious, nutritious food. A recent article in The Daily Herald discuss high quality dog food manufacturing. In this article the chief of production demonstrates the quality the dog food by eating a sample right of the production line. Demonstrating this dog food is made of real food, not fillers, no byproducts. Food fit for your best friend. Consumers are demanding this quality, and Beneful is leading the industry in meeting this demand. The folks who run Beneful understand the importance of our dogs and pets, they understand what a dog brings to our life, and they understand how important it is to nurture and care for our best friend. Beneful uses only high quality real meat, real vegetables, real grains, and they fortify their receipe with the the best nutrients for any dog. Their dog food is made with food. Food you can trust, which provides a healthy balanced diet dogs love to eat. Beneful has all dog food needs covered, with dry food, wet food, and delicious snacks.When looking for high quality dog food, consider Beneful, it is a brand you can trust, with knowledge and resources and know how. More importantly, Beneful understands why it is important to feed your dog like your best friend.


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