How Is A Modern Eucatex Helping Brazil Grow?

Eucatex is the largest supplier of construction materials in Brazil, but the company is taking a retail turn as Brazil grows. The middle class of Brazil is beginning to operate like the middle classes in many other world superpowers, and Eucatex is making itself the leader in the development of Brazil. This article discusses the role that Eucatex has taken in helping Brazil grow, and the leadership of Flavio Maluf is highlighted for readers.

#1: Flavio Maluf Is The New Leader

Wikipedia indicates that Flavio Maluf is the new CEO of Ecuatex after spending many years with the family company. He began his career after receiving his degree in engineering, and he continued his career by working with large banks in Brazil. Twitter makes it clear that Flavio’s desire for knowledge led him to learn the business side of the operation before returning home. His unique perspective on the construction materials business is helping make Eucatex a desirable business partner across Brazil.

#2: Flavio Understands How Each Product Is Made

Flavio has a keen understanding of the manufacturing process, and he has ensured that Eucatex is using streamlined techniques to help produce new items for sale. Flavio is leaning on retail sales to help make his company more popular, and he is selling his products to everyone who is building in Brazil. The real estate market is booming in Brazil, and Flavio wants to participate as much as possible.  He’s written about the need for education for these types of jobs.  Also what technology will offer people as they learn and come up in the world.

#3: Eucatex Is Seen Everywhere

Brazil is building everything from industrial units to retail malls, and Eucatex products can be seen in every new project. Eucatex is a favored brand in Brazil because of Flavio’s marketing scheme, and the middle class is using Eucatex products in their own homes. The nation of Brazil is becoming more colorful because of Flavio’s extensive marketing program, and the beautiful paints produced by Eucatex help light up homes around the nation.

#4: A Worldwide Name

Eucatex is likely to be a worldwide name after the Olympics leave Brazil. The company is well-known in South America, and there is a home improvement and construction market in North America that must be tapped. Flavio plans to market his company across the western hemisphere, and the company will continue to grow as new customers around the world become aware of Eucatex’s existence.

Eucatex is a brilliant construction supplier that is providing for the rapid growth of Brazil. The country is booming while Flavio Maluf takes advantage of new retail opportunities.  Follow Flavio’s twitter for further coverage.


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