We Need More Men Like Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is a multi-faceted man that likes to take on a number of enterprises at the same time. He has several that he is involved in currently. With the dedication that he shows in all the different aspects of his various career outlets, Urbana instills others to do more and to reach higher for their goals. Here are four of his undertakings and a little bit about each one:

The FAA And Jon Urbana With His Flying Career Recognition

The FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration is in recognition of Jon Urbana for his excellence in flight. He has been included in the FAA Airmen Certification Database for his medical, licensing and educational standards being met or exceeding them. Jon Urbana is included with other such impeccable pilots.

Jon Urbana’s Business Ventures

Two of his many business ventures are the Director of Ellipse USA, and he is the co-founder of Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp. For both of these ventures, Mr. Urbana has shown extreme dedication and persistence in the aspects of these ventures. Ellipse USA deals with laser technologies. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp is for the younger generation in which Jon Urbana takes a hands-on approach in teaching and coaching the young people through Facebook and other social media outlets like Twitter, where you’ll also find him just about any hour he’s awake.

Photography Is A Love Of Jon Urbana’s

Jon Urbana’s photos represent his style. Each one tells a story. He loves to take pictures of animals in the wild. Plants and landscapes are also another favorite of his subjects for his Tumblr art.

Charity Work Is Important To Jon Urbana

He is working with a Go Fund Me page that helps protect the environment. It is called Earth Force, and he raises money from caring people that also want to help save the environment for the future generations to also enjoy. Urbana is usually astounded by how much the people care about he environment and how they support the Earth Force fund.

Jon Urbana continues to strive for excellence in his new enterprises that he takes on. If his future is anything like his past, he will continue to succeed to new levels as he takes on more and more challenges.


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