Darius Fisher Helping All Business Owners

Darius Fisher is the owner of Status Labs. As the co-founder and CEO of an online reputation service provider, he understands the importance of working with other business owners and doing everything he can to educate both new and experienced company heads. One of the major problems just about everyone is forced to face when running a business is employees leaving. When an employee leaves it causes a few problems. First, productivity drops due to the new opening. While other employees can pitch in to help cover the position, it reduces their own productivity. After finding a replacement, the person must be trained. This maintains a lower productivity level while also costing the company money on the new employee. Avoiding searching for new employees and keeping them in house is extremely important. However, how should a business head go about doing this? Darius Fisher has several different pointers and examples as to how this should be accomplished.

Reward Workers

Many employees look at what they pay their employees and simply assume that should be enough. After all, they are at work to do a job which they are receiving financial compensation for the work. Maybe they even receive benefits and other perks. Sure, all of that is great. But doing the same job every single day with the exact same higher level of productivity simply is not going to happen. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, there’s no offseason, there’s nothing but just more work. That is why setting obtainable goals with rewards at the end can help keep employees happy, working hard and doing everything they can. The kind of incentive may vary from one workplace to another, such as better parking spaces, gift certificate or tech rewards. Whatever it is though, it helps the employees feel appreciated.

Keep Them Informed

Everyone likes to be in the know. They want to be informed and trusted with information. Employers should trust their workers and keep them informed on what is going on and what the company intends to do on it. This way, everyone can remain happy.


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