Talk Fusion: A Strong Idea From Bob Reina

Bob Reina is starting to see years of hard work finally paying off. Reina was previously a policeman and he then joined and highly achieved in several different multi-level marketing companies. It was after a while of experiencing the different companies with their different compensation plans that Reina decided he would put an idea he had to the test of the multi-level marketing world.

Reina had been trying to embed a video in an email to friends but was unable to do it. When he inquired with his internet provider they said that that capability did not exist. Reina realized that he could not be the only individual who would like to send embedded videos to friends and family. He could even envision business purposes to it. Reina got together with an IT industry friend and they create the method to doing this. Reina decided to package this and sell it as a service for both personal use and business use and he decided to use the direct selling method in order to reach the masses.

One of the unique features that Reina chose to add to his company was that they would pay their independent associates, or direct sellers, within 3 minutes of them closing a sale. The payment would go to a Visa credit card that Talk Fusion provides to its associates. This feature has attracted many individuals who are frustrated by just getting paid once a month.

Talk Fusion has many other benefits for its associates than just the immediate pay. There is also schedule flexibility and location flexibility. In addition, the associates have a great line of products that they are able to sell to both businesses and individuals. There are already some big businesses on board. This include the SPCA, West Point Military Academy and VW, among others. Talk Fusion provides these organizations with the capability to embed emails into videos, blog as communities, have live meetings in many locations, video chat with great sound and video quality and create newsletters with high quality videos.


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