This year’s elections in the United States are expected to be intense than ever before. Many liberal billionaires are out in support of the Democratic Party whereby they are making donations to support the party’s activities. It is almost evident that many voters are not in support of Donald Trump. He has been dismissed by many as being extreme and irrational in his bid to deport some immigrants and limit the general rights of immigrants in the country. This has made some of these liberal billionaires to make financial aid to the party that will be used in mobilizing Latinos and other immigrants to come out in massive numbers to vote for the Democratic Party’s candidate in the presidential election. George Soros is among these billionaires who would like to witness a win on the side of Bernie Sanders. Soros has always been a loyal Democratic party’s supporter. He made a grand donation to the party in the year 2004 when John Kerry was the party’s flag bearer.
George Soros was not born in the United States. He was born in Hungary and only came to the US escaping the Nazi’s activities in his home country. He has been successful in his business and has been able to maintain his fortune. He has consistently funded Latino, Hispanic, and other immigrant organizations and programs. George Soros is of the idea that the rights of the immigrants in the country can be protected if they gang up together into one potent voting force. According to this billionaire, the Democratic Party has been the only party that has the interests of the immigrants at heart. There has been a problem though which has been of negative impact on the immigrants’ support to the Democratic Party. This was caused by what the Latinos and immigrants believe that the Obama leadership did not do as promised concerning immigrants and deportation. Learn more about his profile at
The program is, therefore, going to bring back the support of the Latinos. It will not end at seeking that kind of reconciliation since the Super PACs will look forward into seeking new immigrant support. The target of new voters aimed by this project is 400,000 new voters to support the Democratic Party. The project is going to take advantage of trumps campaigning ideas whereby he has been talking about deporting more immigrants if he won the election. The Republicans have always wanted a limitation to the rights of the immigrants in the United States. Many immigrants are all the same worried about what the political outcome will be if the Democrats fail to win the win the 2016 presidential elections. Bernie Sanders has also made the initiative of donating some money to the Latino voter mobilization project and other campaigns.


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