Doe Deere And Her Lime Crime Connections

Doe Deere is a woman that is very well know in the cosmetic industry. She is the creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime cosmetic was made for people that are unapologetic about the way that they wear their makeup, and they are also unapologetic about the way that they live their lives. Lime Crime started out as just a simple idea. Deere wanted to be able to get more color out of her makeup. Deere loved to wear makeup that was bright and colorful, but she found that the majority of makeups did not deliver the the pigmentation that she wanted. To combat that problem, Deere decided that she was going to make her own cosmetic line.

Deere did not have that much to start out with. She only had a few hundred dollars and a dream. Deere did not know how everything was going to play out, but she decided that she was going to throw caution to the wind and create her own cosmetic line. Twitter showcases that when Lime Crime was started, it became an instant success. Many of Deere’s fans wanted try out her makeup line, because they were already impressed with her clothing line. She got a quick fan base, and when people found out that her makeup was bold, bright, and of great quality, her fans just kept growing.

Many of Deere’s fans love her Unicorn Lipsticks, Velvetines, and Perlees, even Wicked as Amazon has available. These are some of Lime Crimes most popular and well known lines. One of the best things about Lime Crime cosmetic is that it is vegan and that it is cruelty free. Doe Deere is an woman that encourages other women to follow their dreams. She was able to build an empire based off of her dream, and she knows how to inspire other women to do build their dreams as well. Deere also inspires her fans to never give up on themselves and to live a life that is full of colors.  Check out Lime Crime on Facebook for some pictures of their latest offerings.


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