Month: April 2016

Sanjay Shah Solo Capital Founder Talks How to be Successful in Business and 2016 Autism Rocks Event

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Solo Capital founder and prominent philanthropist, Sanjay Shah, was recently interviewed by host Eric Dye of Enterprise Radio. Shah was able to talk about his business success and also about his creation and involvement in Autism Rocks. Shah’s induction of Autism Rocks was due to his son being diagnosed with autism in 2011. Shah decided…

Fabletic’s Latest Swim Line

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Recently launched, the new line of swimwear from Fabletics is the perfect combination of style, sexiness and comfort. Sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, in her recent interview with Elite Daily, Kate Hudson talks about her inspiration behind the newest designs. Unique and durable, some of Hudson’s favorite designs were taken from tribal prints, the…

How Laidlaw & Company Helps Investors to Establish Successful Businesses

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The global financial market is competitive and advanced. Companies operating in this competitive field operate by the rule of survival for the fittest. Investors who lack a clear plan for dealing with challenges and instability that faces the market runs out of business. However, the presence of experienced and competent investment banking firms like Laidlaw…

George Soros’s Life in Brief

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Since moving to the United States in 1956 on, George Soros has been involved in several things that have made him one of the most influential individuals, not only in the United States but across the world. He is known for one of the most successful hedge funds, the Soros Fund Management. Besides the…

Venture Capitalist Mark Sparks: Tips on Making a Perfect Presentation

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If you need money to start a business, you should learn how to do a presentation. To get the best results, you must be well-organized. Moreover, the venture capitalist needs to know that you have done your homework. Here are a few tips on making the perfect presentation. Explain Visual Notes First, when you make…

Social Media App Skout Pulls Its Users Together For A Good Cause

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Earlier this month Skout, a social media and travel app, partnered with the San Francisco Food Bank for National Potato Chip Day. According to an article published in PR Newswire Skout’s goal was to serve 20,000 people with a meal on March 14th and they asked their users to help donate to the cause by…

Creating Your Wedding Registry Is About to Get Even Easier

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The ways we live and work have completely changed thanks to advances in mobile technology. This is also true of wedding planning. Today couples can take some of the tasks (and real work) associated with planning nuptials and handle them remotely and/or on site using their mobile phones. New advances in RFID and image identifying…


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