Creating Your Wedding Registry Is About to Get Even Easier

The ways we live and work have completely changed thanks to advances in mobile technology. This is also true of wedding planning. Today couples can take some of the tasks (and real work) associated with planning nuptials and handle them remotely and/or on site using their mobile phones. New advances in RFID and image identifying programs have made it easier than ever to shop. Now, one of the fun things in planning a wedding is compiling a wedding registry that family and guests can check for a list of items needed by the couple. In the past, couples made a visit to the stores of their choice, visited a web site and made their selections. Now a lot of the footwork and time in front of a computer can be avoided by using a mobile device.

Cutting-edge tech companies like Slyce are on the forefront of this shopping revolution. Slyce’s new software utilizes visual product recognition that allows consumers, including potential brides and grooms, to see a product in a store, snap a photo of it in real time and instantly tag it to a list that can be shared with family and friends for later purchases. Slyce’s mobile technology works with one, two and three-dimensional images. Its 3D Real-World Commerce capability allows for exact product match and the chance to learn more about the selected product. It works by scanning the background of an image and then producing an immediate, exact match or something remarkably similar. Its 2D Print Materials and Products Tags give brides a chance to discover and tag products online and find also find exact matches. Barcodes, QR code and coupons can also be scanned and applied to purchases.

That’s not all. Slyce’s image recognition and scanning technology can be used out of store – anywhere and anytime. Users of Slyce’s software can choose items in a snap of a picture — print ads, catalogues, billboards. Customers can even snap online apps like Pinterest and tag products that are of interest. In fact, Slyce is already being employed at prestigious retailer Neiman Marcus. So, brides and grooms, enjoy your wedding planning secure that the future of shopping is now.


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