Social Media App Skout Pulls Its Users Together For A Good Cause

Earlier this month Skout, a social media and travel app, partnered with the San Francisco Food Bank for National Potato Chip Day. According to an article published in PR Newswire Skout’s goal was to serve 20,000 people with a meal on March 14th and they asked their users to help donate to the cause by turning virtual gifts into donations. On March 14th Skout encouraged its users to send an all time favorite snack in virtual form to their friends on the app, and for each virtual bag of potato chips sent Skout made a cash donation to the SF Food Bank. The co-founder of Skout explained that virtual gift exchanges were quite popular on their app which is why they chose to use it as a means of donation and give their users the chance to give back to their community. This is the second time Skout has partnered with the SF Food Bank. Last year they partnered with them during the celebration of National Grilled Cheese Day and delivered donations that helped serve 10,000 people.

Skout’s main focus as a platform is to help people expand their social circle both domestically and nationally. Currently Skout is the largest global platform that helps connect people spanning across 180 countries and is readily available in 16 different languages. Skout is dedicated to creating a safe environment for people to befriend, meet, and socialize with other Skout users as they create lasting relationships. However since the platform’s travel app launch a few years ago Skout users have gotten more creative with the usage of the social media platform.

College students using the Skout travel app have begun making friends in other countries and then going to visit them over summer vacation. Others have begun using the app when they get to their destination and use it to find friendly locals, tour guides, and fellow travelers. Since users are able to upload pictures and photos some users have begun giving virtual tours of their vacations as they travel through various parts of the world to their Skout friends.



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