Venture Capitalist Mark Sparks: Tips on Making a Perfect Presentation

If you need money to start a business, you should learn how to do a presentation. To get the best results, you must be well-organized. Moreover, the venture capitalist needs to know that you have done your homework. Here are a few tips on making the perfect presentation.

Explain Visual Notes

First, when you make a presentation, point out your visual notes. Your visual notes on every page should be convincing and concise. Do not waste the lender’s time. Present your business idea in one sentence. Your presentation should last no more than twenty minutes, and use no more than ten slides.

Share a Story

Next, share a short story with your potential investor(s). Tell the investor(s) why you are trying to start this company. Point out what problems your company is going to solve. Show the investor your target market. Use facts and figures from reliable resources in your presentation and this you can tell on his Facebook page.

Make it Easy

Then, make sure your presentation is easy to understand. Avoid using fancy graphics. Show the investor(s) your business plan. More importantly, explain to the investors how you are going to repay the money. Simply put, talk briefly about your marketing plan, your management strategy, and your financial plan.

Introduce the Team

If you have a team, introduce your team to your potential investor(s). Keep in mind that a business can not operate without team work. Therefore, you must develop good communication skills between your team and the investor(s). Poor communication skills will kill the deal. Be excited and enthusiastic about your product or service, and you will close the deal.

Finally, Mr. Mark Sparks is a venture capitalist and he owns the Timber Creek Capital equity firm. Mark is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed and pass the goal line. He has been in the business for 34 years. He builds and repairs companies. If you have a plan, he might can help you. Contact Timber Creek Capital.


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