Fabletic’s Latest Swim Line

Recently launched, the new line of swimwear from Fabletics is the perfect combination of style, sexiness and comfort. Sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, in her recent interview with Elite Daily, Kate Hudson talks about her inspiration behind the newest designs. Unique and durable, some of Hudson’s favorite designs were taken from tribal prints, the tropics as well as nautical influences. Made from recycled fabrics, each swim suit aids in UV protection.

According to their Facebook page and because the summer season is a time for everyone to enjoy, when wearing one of Fabletics’ swim suits, everyone has the perfect bathing suit body. Starting around $40, shoppers can choose between a traditional two piece with the traditional bra-like top or a more modest top. Depending on the style chosen, the top can extend to the waist or a few inches below the belly button. One piece swimwear is also available.

Created in October 2013, Fabletics is a membership based performance clothing line that provides celebrity looks at a fraction of the price. Each month, the member has $50 debited from their debit or credit card. The entire amount is then credited to the member’s account. However, during the first few days, the member does have the option of placing their account on hold for that particular month. Membership can be canceled at anytime.

Non-members are also invited to shop on the Fabletics’ website, however they are required to pay regular prices. As an added bonus, members typically receive their first order at half the sales price. All shoppers regardless of their membership status has a personalized list of recommended outfits each time they shop. According to customer reviews, the customer service agents are very knowledgeable, patient and very helpful (

Due to the high-quality of their material, affordable prices and ethical business practices, the company has shipped over a million order worldwide. Within two years of opening, six stores were opened in the United States. During the same time, Fabletics began launching their men’s line and began shipping orders in Spain and the Netherlands. As the number of customers continue grow, so does the company’s desire to meet every customer’s need.


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