Sanjay Shah Solo Capital Founder Talks How to be Successful in Business and 2016 Autism Rocks Event

Solo Capital founder and prominent philanthropist, Sanjay Shah, was recently interviewed by host Eric Dye of Enterprise Radio. Shah was able to talk about his business success and also about his creation and involvement in Autism Rocks. Shah’s induction of Autism Rocks was due to his son being diagnosed with autism in 2011. Shah decided that it was his duty to make other aware of the disease and began Autism Rocks in 2014. He decided to used his connections and networking abilities to help fund the event. Since Autism Rocks induction, he has been able to obtain large artists including Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Snoop Dog, to name a few. Autism Rocks is a yearly concert that raises money by giving the proceeds from the concert to Autism research. Not only does the concert raise awareness of the disorder it also brings together many talented performers in one place. During his interview he affirmed that the 2016 Autism Rocks will be in April and will include artist such as Flo Rida and Tyga. Not only does he run Autism Rocks every year he also funds an autism trust fund that donates to Cambridge University autism research.

While Shah is well-known for his work with Autism Rocks, he is also a world renown businessman. He was able to give sound advice, including underestimating start-up capital and learning to delegate work to others, during his interview. He created London based Solo Capital as a brokerage firm for proprietary trading, consulting and sports investments. Solo Capital has a net worth of 15.4 million euro and assets of over 67 million euro, according to Company Check’s April 2016 records.

Although Sanjay Shah has found his calling in the financial industry, he did not always want to be in financial investments. In fact, Shah was originally going to school for medicine. Finding that medicine was not for him, he eventually became an accountant and worked for companies such as Morgan Stanely, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. He lost his job in the 2009 financial crisis and used this downfall to start his own brokerage firm, Solo Capital, in 2011.


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