Michael Zomber Is Selling Guns But Supporting Peace

Michael Zomber wears many hats. He is an antique arms and armor collector. He is a writer. He is also a philanthropist. Zomber strongly believes in the peaceful resolution of conflicts and so to support this belief, he donates to various organizations that fight to do just that. This list includes organizations such as the Randolph Bourne Institute,, Global Exchange, Disabled American Veterans, Amnesty International, UNICEF, Get Lit, The Smile Train and Doctors Without Borders.

One reason peace in particular is so important to Zomber is because he also deals antique arms. Due to his breadth of experience and knowledge, Michael Zomber has been a guest expert on several History Channel shows. He has also written multiple books about various aspects of what he does. Several of the books cover ideas from the samurai soldiers, other books Zomber wrote discuss weapons from the civil war period and one book discusses the basics behind some of the biggest art auctions in the world.

Several of his books were written while he was spending time in prison. Zomber was sentenced to 30 month in prison for wire and mail fraud. Several years later, Zomber was able to prove his innocence and have his conviction overturned. Zomber spent his time behind bars wisely. Not only did he start to make a case for his own appeal and write several of his novels, but he also spent time helping other inmates. Some inmates he helped to prepare for their appeal and some he helped to get their GED, according to his bio.


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