The Best Senior Community in San Luis Obispo

The Manse on Marsh is one of the best institutions that offer the best services for seniors, and it is located in the Central Coast. The facility is quite exceptional, and it offers services that are beyond expectations. If you are looking for a place to take your elderly parents and you are on a budget, Manse on Marsh is the place to choose. Whatever the seniors need is easily provided for without any problems, and they have tons of great activities.

The institution is located in a very good neighborhood. It is at the center of San Luis Obispo. While at the institution, the seniors can easily access the important facilities without any difficulties. The senior will just be a few meters away from local shopping centers, restaurants, bookstores, churches and ice cream shops.

The dining offered by Manse on Marsh is also the best. There is a detailed housekeeping services provided for the seniors with a bed and bath linen service, personal laundry, chauffeured transportation and anything else required by the seniors. There is also a wellness and fitness center in the facility, and this means that the seniors will have all they require to remain fit and healthy.

SeniorHousingNet tells us the institution was started by an individual known as Chris Skiff. His main aim was to ensure that the old people in the society are given an opportunity to give the optimal life. The combination offered in this institution is ideal for all the elderly people in the society. Everyone who gets an opportunity to stay there is guaranteed of their peace of mind.

Chris Skiff is one of the few people who are passionate about the old people in the community. Since he completed his education, he has always been focused in creating and developing the best senior communities in his area. Due to this dedication, he has been given several awards, and he has worked very hard to ensure that the old people are not looked down upon.

Chris is well educated too. He graduated from UCLA with a degree several years ago, and that is when he started developing affordable apartments for the old people. One of the biggest projects he has ever done is found in the West Coast. Up to date, Chris has been able to develop more than 20 communities for the elderly. Thanks to his activities in the nation, many seniors have an opportunity to live a good life without getting any problems.  There’s a reason that The Manse on Marsh gets great Yelp reviews.  Also, be sure to check them out on Twitter @themanseonmarsh.


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