Status Labs’ CEO Darius Fisher Talks Employee Environment

If you want to succeed in the world of business operating then you’ll need to cultivate a culture of employee happiness and hard work. Darius Fisher is the CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs and he has more than a few tips on how to keep your employee work force from turning over too often. Employee turnover is as bad for the employee as it is for the business owner as it costs everyone involved a ton of money.

Harboring a community feeling of mutual dedication in the office can be the difference between a company in shambles and one on the rise. Darius Fisher suggests creating a culture of sharing accomplishments and acknowledging the hard work of your employees. Publicly praising a worker for accomplishing a burdensome task is a great way for the worker to feel valued while simultaneously motivating other employees to work even harder. If you want to take things a step further you can start by giving employees something to work toward in the long run, like a goal.

Companies like Apple reward their employees with monthly gifts of watches, trips, massage appointments and more. While most businesses don’t have a budget for these gigantic rewards, there is still a way to reward your employees for their hard work. Find something that all of your employees will appreciate, even if it is just a gift card for gasoline or a night out at a nice restaurant, and have them aware that they can work toward getting the prize. Obviously prizes help to encourage employees to work harder while also fostering some good natured competition.

Darius Fisher and his company Status Labs rose to prominence just two years ago after they stood up for victims of the notorious Ashley Madison hack. According to, Fisher has always been a staunch advocate for privacy rights on the internet and he offered his services for free to those victims in order to help them out. Since then Status Labs has grown exponentially with their work force more than doubling in size in the past couple of years.

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