Month: June 2016

Benefits of Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten

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Investment banking is a form of banking where financial organization thrive to create capital for companies, individuals and even governments. In investment banking the banker will act your agent when issuing securities. When making an investment, it is important to consider hiring an investment banker. Although, initially this might seem like an unnecessary additional cost,…

How Does Kyle Bass Lead People Astray?

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Kyle Bass has been leading people astray for years because he is holding on his fame. The fame that he achieved by getting the financial crisis of 2008 right is not something that he has used very well, and now he is making sure that people are going to listen to him even if he…

Greasy Fine Hair Problems Solved With Wen

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People with fine hair are always cautious about using new products for conditioning and styling. The fear is that any additive treatment might cause fine hair to break, kink, or become unmanageable. Thousands of hair conditioning product users have tried new Wen formulations. What they discovered is far removed from their expectations. One very enthusiastic…

A High Quality SEC Whistleblower Attorney Can Make All The Difference

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The 2008 economic slowdown was one of the greatest financial problems to hit the world, and eventually led to a change in the way the financial system in the U.S. is policed at federal level. The Dodd-Frank Act was enacted by the U.S. Government in a bid to make significant changes to the way the…

Securus Upgrades THREADS To 3.1 Version With The Most Advanced “Big Data” Analytical Tool.

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As the industrial leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions on corrections, investigation, safety, and monitoring, Securus Technologies announced recently on that it had released the latest 3.1 version of THREADS as the most advanced and with full integration “Big Data” analytical tool in the corrections market in U.S. See the wikipedia…

Duda Melzer Is The Third Generation To Run The RBS Group In Brazil

Posted by in Business

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda Melzer, is the CEO of the RBS Group in the South of Brazil. RBS is one of the leading multimedia conglomerates in the country. More than 6,500 people are employed by RBS in the states of Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul. Duda Melzer oversees a multitude…

How Wikipedia Fights Abuse And Promote Civility

Posted by in Problems Online, Tech Leaders

  Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that unlike traditional encyclopedias has editors who are volunteers. The pro to this is that Wikipedia has a very dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers who create and edit millions of articles into different languages. All of this is done for free, which supports the idea that Wikipedia’s…


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