How Wikipedia Fights Abuse And Promote Civility


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that unlike traditional encyclopedias has editors who are volunteers. The pro to this is that Wikipedia has a very dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers who create and edit millions of articles into different languages. All of this is done for free, which supports the idea that Wikipedia’s main purpose is to make information more readily available to everybody.

There are some downsides to the volunteer editor community in Wikipedia, that the Wikimedia Foundation which is in charge of Wikipedia is working hard to address. Being volunteer run, web based, and free brings some challenges to make Wikipedia page that print and paid online subscriptions do not have. One of these that has been highlighted recently is editor abuse.

A volunteer editor at Wikipedia claimed that he was abused, harassed and treated unfairly after he spent a great deal of effort and time in creating a Wikipedia revision. The editor said that his content was rejected and was called obsessed on the topic when all he wanted was to make a new Wiki page. The volunteer editor got so angry and disappointed that he considered committing suicide in a letter he penned to Wikipedia about his experience.

Immediate action was taken to ensure the editor thinking about committing suicide was okay. After that experience, many other editors came forward saying that they have been harassed or treated poorly from the community when they edited or created articles. Wikimedia in exchange is trying to crack down on harassment, name calling and unfair treatment. It has also implemented an emergency contact number available 24 hours a day for emergencies such as the one described as well as threats to a person’s life.

Despite some flaws with Wikipedia publishers, Wikipedia is an excellent way to get a presence on the web for a company or an individual. Having a Wikipedia article about yourself or your company is also a great way to establish credibility to your name. Wikipedia is considered to be an unbiased and trustworthy source of information and when people see a Wikipedia article on the web they will be more likely to consider buying your brand, product or service.

How to get on Wikipedia
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