Securus Upgrades THREADS To 3.1 Version With The Most Advanced “Big Data” Analytical Tool.

As the industrial leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions on corrections, investigation, safety, and monitoring, Securus Technologies announced recently on that it had released the latest 3.1 version of THREADS as the most advanced and with full integration “Big Data” analytical tool in the corrections market in U.S. See the wikipedia page for more info.

Securus redesigned the Investigative Solutions product to upgrade the user interface (UI) to integrate with the latest web-based technologies. The upgrade has also maintained the same powerful analysis capability to which the customers were already used to. The upgrade has made the THREADS easier to use, and the system performance has been significantly enhanced. According to the General Manager of Business Management for Securus, Mr. Kelly Solid, the upgrade consisted of streamlining the UI and eliminating redundancy in the system actions while still enhancing navigation, the search function, and record loading. For more info, visit

The release of the THREADS 3.1 upgrade necessitated the software platform to be upgraded from Silverlight to HTML 5 to enable the system to have a direct integration with other Securus products such as Secure Call Platform (SCP). Mr. Solid confirmed that the new THREADS provides the investigators with a better tool to be proactive in the investigations because they will have the necessary data they need.

For Securus, the aim was to develop a tool that requires little training and can provide the actionable intelligence and focused leads to the investigator. Other features that come with the upgraded THREADS include the ability to listen to SCP calls within the THREADS application, context-sensitive reports, real-time analysis, and customized mapping, and printing. There is no doubt that THREADS has been the standard to help investigators do their job especially in detecting, identifying, and reporting on suspicious inmate calling patterns. THREADS 3.1 is the best version of the system so far providing data analytical tools and Securus has expressed its commitment to upgrade the existing customers for free.

Securus Technologies serves more than 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies, including the over 1.2 million inmates across North America. The primary objective of the organization is to serve and connect the agencies through on services such as public information, investigation, incident management, communication, and information management for security reasons. In Securus, technology is second to nothing with hundreds of engineers, patents, designers, technologists, and thinkers, always bringing to the world innovative solutions.

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