Bob Reina Networks the World Through Talk Fusion


The command of an idea is the ambition of innovation. Great things happen when an idea burns in the mind of one that doesn’t take no for an answer. Bob Reina is one of those people. He’s built his life around helping others from serving as a police officer to founder and CEO of Talk Fusion in 2007.


Bob Reina, working as a police officer full time also worked part time network marketing from home using a corporation called AOL. AOL is a mass media organization with online mail, news, sports and weather. One day, Bob wanted to send a video of his potential new home through an email to his mother and family members. However, AOL told him they did not have the technology to add video to email. It couldn’t be done. But with the help of techy minded friends they figured out a way to do it. Between 2004 and 2007 this innovative group perfected adding video to email using webcams and developed their own network solutions company called Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion provides templates you can choose from or you can create your own video templates. You can brand your video with your company logos, graphics and enter text if you want. You can create your video using your webcam on the go from as many as 140 countries. Sign into your account with the Talk Fusion website, select your file or simply search for and import a video you’ve created on your computer and send. The site saves your video files too in case you want to use them again.

Talk Fusion business resources include video and audio newsletters, email, chat and live conferencing with up to 500 people. You can even keep your current email. And, no special software is needed for your clientele base to view your videos. You can create videos on your iPhone, iPad or Android device with the Fusion on the Go app. Talk Fusion continues to incorporate the highest level of technology and most current features.

From graduating police academy at the top of his class until now Bob never slows down. He persistently looks ahead with multi-dimensional focus, clear expectations and deadlines for network marketing solutions. He’s dedicated to finding balance in his personal life and in helping people and animals through charities and personally. The command of his idea has networked the world.



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