Marc Sparks: The Entrepreneurs’ Entrepreneur With A Deep Passion For Helping Others

Marc Sparks is an American businessman, entrepreneur and venture capitalist from Texas, who is definitely a self-made man because of all his successful business endeavors. These include ventures in capital investments, real estate and telecommunications.

From his high school graduation, in 1975, he entered the realm of entrepreneurship, creating countless business, many of which have taken flight and have gone on to become highly successful. He attributes his success to his faith in God, his passion for what he does, his tenacity to accomplish his goals, his focus while doing so, his savvy of monetization, and a sense of urgency. These qualities combined with an honest and respectful treatment of others are his recipe for success. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

The long list of companies he has been involved in includes Timber Creek Capital, of which he is the chairman; it is a private equity firm that provides assistance to entrepreneurs. GlobalTec Solutions provides decision making and analysis tools; Splash Media is a marketing firm which specializes in video production, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and programming; Reliant Healthcare is a healthcare management company, sponsored by physicians, with a focus on inpatient rehabilitation and healthcare operations; Agency Matrix is a provider of solutions for business offices, through user-friendly automation tools;

Cobalt Real Estate Services is a residential and commercial property sales and management company; Blue Jay Wireless is a provider of prepaid telecommunications for low to no income consumers; Boxstar LLC is a company focused on the application of advertising on shipping labels; Cardinal Telecom LLC is a nationwide cellphone distributor; Bonn Oir is a manufacturer of handcrafted vodka; and Uncle Marc Food Delivery is a delivery service for area restaurants.

Aside being an entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is a philanthropist. He transformed a small homeless shelter, The Samaritan Inn, from a decaying house to a 3 Million dollar annual operation which boards and feeds over 200 people daily. He has also built a transitional living apartment complex, the first in North Texas; opened a prosperous thrift store, and paved the way for a 7 Million dollar family shelter.

His newest endeavor is Spark Tank, an innovative company whose concept entails creating social success by collaborating with, and developing the ideas of, social service executives. It arose from the notion that there exist social service entrepreneurs with “out of the box” ideas, who, when properly funded, will create social success. The funds are through grants of $5,000 which are awarded to 501c3 organizations with a history of at least two years.

Marcs Sparks very own philanthropic endeavor, The Samaritan Inn, puts in perspective what $5,000 can accomplish. It paid for a kennel, so that homeless families could keep their pets when entering the program; covered all expenses involved in children’s camps and lessons, so as to avoid having to spend entire summers in daycare; and covered fuel expenses for the company’s shuttle bus, ensuring that clients who did not have proprietary means of transportation, could effortlessly get to work every day. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

All applications for the grant must be submitted online, and after a careful review, three finalists are chosen. These must present and defend their ideas before the Spark Tank panel, and will be allotted a maximum of 10 minutes to do so, followed by a 10 minute Question & Answer session. Initiatives related to human and animal services, the arts, as well as faith based initiatives for nonreligious purposes are all eligible to apply; while purely faith based initiatives, political action committees, national charities and United Way charities are not eligible.


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