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One of the hottest products on the Sephora cosmetics market, for what seems like forever, is the ultra famous WEN hair by Chaz conditioning products. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade or so, there is a very good chance that you have seen the massive amount of celebrities that use this conditioner each and every day. Not only are A list celebrities endorsing Wen by Chaz, but they use the products every single day and get great results. While anyone can take this and accept it as reality, Emily McClure decided that she would take things into her own hands and try the conditioning products out for herself, as first reported by Bustle.

She purchased it from Amazon. She would use the conditioner for seven days straight, check out her results, and post them for the world to see online. Emily has thin hair and the fact that Wen hair by Chaz is known to correct this and add a ton of volume, this was one of the things that was the most appealing to her. She noticed that it did give her that volume she was looking for and other people noticed as well, as they told her that her hair looked amazing when she went out with friends. Overall, she could not deny that the product gave her that fuller look she was looking for and was pretty happy with her results. She also noted that she had to use a lot more of the product in the shower that she had used in the past, with her other products that she would routinely use, but it resulted in less hair falling off while showering. Her end determination was that she is going to keep using Wen by Chaz on special dates when she wants to add some shine and volume to her locks of hair. Wen hair website:

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