The power of entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is the great mind behind the long line of startup companies which include Intelligent Beauty and its other divisions. His first company was named Fitness Heaven, which was later bought by intermix media in 2001. After the buyout, he linked up with a teenager Adam Goldenberg to bring into existence Alena Media an e-commerce and performance advertising company, which made it possible for the company to earn hundreds of millions in revenue. At this particular time it was the only Intermix’s profit generator. In 2005, the partnership they had built with Adam began falling into shambles and the partners left the company to look for new ventures. Source:

Having endured a somehow a good experience in their companies the two did not get unmotivated as they knew that they had what It took to excel in the growing field of online performance advertising. Soon after, they decided to come up with a brand structure enterprise they could implement independently. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler then had a brainstorming session in the living room, and the idea of Intelligent Beauty was born. Two weeks later the idea became a reality.

The first innovation of the direct to consumer brand creation was DERMSTORE on, which was an online skincare and cosmetics marketplace. This product went on to become very successful. Two years later they launched another brand SENSA, which was a weight loss system.

Although Intelligent Beauty does not publicly release its financial results, it is no doubt that these two products are highly profitable.

Ressler has also launched another brand Fabletics which is under the JustFab company. The brand is targeted towards a unique gap in the market that is active wear. This was made possible by leveraging e-commerce models to ensure that sportsmen have a unique sense of style. Brands like Fabletics have made fitness, so stylish hence becoming so hard to not only assimilate active wear into daily life but also incorporate it into our lives.

Don Ressler’s thinking out of the box has diversified the dimensions and standards set by the likes of Nike company and Adidas companies putting his company on the map as one of the best in the industry.


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