My Family Now Has FreedomPop Plans

I have two teenage daughters who were driving me crazy because of their extremely high phone bills. I made the unwise decision of joining a cell phone service provider that didn’t give me unlimited service, so I was paying over $200 every month for our cell phone bills. The girls would always go over their data usage while playing games on their phone, downloading applications, surfing the Internet, and chatting on social media. When I got the very last bill from my previous company, I decided I was going to make the switch, and I chose to switch to FreedomPop.

The biggest reason why FreedomPop was my first choice is because they have the lowest prices I’ve ever seen for cell phone coverage. My girls can now use their cell phones as much as they want and when they want for only $20 each month. We also have Wi-Fi service in our home that we get from FreedomPop’s home Internet service, so that also helps them to get additional data on their phone if they need it. I also chose to sign up for the Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop offers through the application, and that’s given me and my girls even more data for our phones.

With our phone bills, the home Internet service, and the Wi-Fi from FreedomPop, I still pay less than $100 per month, which is less than half of what I was paying the previous company. Why is it that I didn’t know about FreedomPop before? After over one year of spending over $200 each month for the same services, I could’ve been saving hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars had I simply gone to FreedomPop before. Instead of crying over spilt milk, I just enjoy FreedomPop’s services as well as sharing the wealth with others.

Every member of my family knows about FreedomPop services because of me, and I’ve let them know that they don’t have to simply stick with the cell phone service. With the Wi-Fi service only costing five dollars each month, I encourage my family members to get the Wi-Fi service because they don’t have to pay for other FreedomPop services to enjoy the Wi-Fi service. FreedomPop is really a cool company because they offer many services at extremely low rates, and I also enjoy the great coverage that my family is getting from the cell phone service.

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