Bob Reina’s Initiative to Change the World


Changing the world takes a person who has the drive and motivation to help others. Humanity involves loving and caring. A simple donation goes a long way into helping unfortunate people strewn all over the globe access basic amenities to enable them to survive. Not everyone can afford a decent shelter, food, water and health care. Many individuals and corporations have engaged in philanthropy for various reasons some are in for public relations while others use it as a scheme for money laundering and defrauding unsuspecting contributors. However, Talk Fusion through its CEO and founder Bob Reina understands the importance of helping those in need. Since its launch into the business arena, the company has done a lot in helping people in need. The company, which came into operation in 2007, has been at the forefront in making a difference all over the globe. It has donated millions of dollars since then and is not stopping anytime soon. Some of the organizations which have received donations from Talk Fusion are Humane Society of Tampa and various animal rights activist.

Bob has empathy and sympathy which has given him a sense of caring and responsibility for others. He is of the opinion that those who are lucky to succeed in life have a responsibility of looking over the unfortunate and making the world a better place for everyone. Many people were awed when Reina donated $1,000,000 to charity without thinking twice. The best part is that he does this not expect anything back and he is not in pursuit of any political office. To influence other people to donate Bob has created, through his company, an additional account that enables the company’s clients to donate through an additional customized account. He understands the role the society plays in developing a business and the need to give back to the community.

Talk Fusion has generally changed video communication throughout the globe. It has developed an ingenious method of attaching video folders into emails allowing visual advertisements and communication. Using a laptop a person can easily create a video and upload making communication easier, straightforward and personal. Through Talk Fusion an individual may send newsletters and online communication with the touch of a button.

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