A Look At Communication Company Talk Fusion And Its Founder


What Is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is a communications company founded by Bob Reina. The story of Talk Fusion begins when email and video technology was fairly new. Bob Reina was then looking to purchase a new home for himself and his family. Seeing a home he liked but unable to send videos through email, Bob Reina thought he was onto something when he came up with the idea of trying to send videos through email.

Mr. Reina took his idea to a friend who held a doctorate in information technology. Together they pioneered the concept of video marketing through emails. The company, Talk Fusion was officially formed in 2007. Talk Fusion now offers several different marketing and communication products to clients. This includes the company’s award winning video chat service, video emails, video newsletters, sign up forms and live meetings. Talk Fusion is based in Brandon, Florida. It now operates in over 140 different countries.

Talk Fusion sells and markets its products through a direct selling model. This involves the sales associates being in charge of directly marketing and selling Talk Fusion products to new clients. Talk Fusion is a member of the direct selling association. One of the perks of sales associates working for Talk Fusion is that they get to pick one charity of their choice to get access to Talk Fusion’s premium plan at no cost. This is one way that Bob Reina believes that Talk Fusion can give back to the community and foster a culture of caring for one another.

Bob Reina’s Philanthropy

In addition to giving associates the chance to help a charity of their choice, Bob Reina has donated well over a million dollars to charities. This includes a record $1 million dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Human Society to help take care of animals in need of shelter. Bob Reina has also generously given money to an orphanage in Indonesia. Most recently, Mr. Reina has donated money to the people affected by Nepal’s severe earthquakes. When a major tsunami struck the island nation of Japan, Bob Reina quickly stepped in and donated money for relief efforts there. Bob Reina shows that he puts his philosophy of with greater success comes greater responsibility into action daily and makes it a key part of his company mission.


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