Wengie’s Period Hacks Punctuate Your Life with Comfort

Females fall victim to a monthly culprit responsible for destroying clothes, contributing to debilitating tiredness and cramps, and that creates irrational mood swings. If you know exactly who the culprit is just from that brief description, you are certainly a woman who experiences obnoxious monthly menstruation. Sure, over the counter pain relievers can help, but abating the symptoms of a period should be more natural and beneficial to your overall health. Wengie has the natural stuff covered for when it is that time of the month, and her female audience absolutely loves her for it! Take a look at Wengie’s life hacks for when dealing with your period.


  1. Make Your Own Cramp Reliever


Though the blogger recommends having a cat sit on your stomach to generate heat, she understands that not everyone has access to a warm, furry kitty. As a result, she has decided to teach her viewers how to make their own heating pads using a sewing kit, a piece of material, rice, and scissors.


After finding your desired fabric and cutting it to a size of your choosing, sew three out of four of its sides together.


  1. Change Your Diet


Ladies, even health nut Wengie understands the desire to eat unhealthy food during your cycle, but doing so actually causes you more pain and results in a more brutal period. Eating more vegetables reduces cramps drastically–especially those that are high in calcium, like spinach and kale. Dark chocolate is high in magnesium, which assists in reducing bloating, cramps, and fatigue.


  1. Stains Are Inevitable. How Are You Cleaning Them?


Most women immediately put their stained clothes in hot water, but this action actually helps the stain set in more. Rather than doing this, place the clothing in ice cold water that is mixed with a few teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to better remove the stain.


  1. Invest in a Period Squad


Okay, the blogger does not suggest recruiting new friends to help you through this painful time each month, but she does encourage investing in five to seven pairs of period underwear that will only be worn during this dreaded time. She highly recommends black or dark colors to better hide any stains.

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