Jose Manuel Gonzalez Explains His Distrust Of Politicians

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has always looked to do business in his agricultural career or in his political life his own way, which makes his latest statements that politicians should not be the only people involved in politics a comment we should all look more closely at. Jose Manuel Gonzalez explains he became involved in politics in his native Venezuela as he hoped to make an impact on the lives of the Venezuelan people over the course of his stay in the National Assembly.

The career of Jose Manuel Gonzalez was a success prior to his appointment as a Deputy in the Venezuelan National Assembly for Guárico State; Gonzalez has been a successful agricultural specialist for a number of years who simply found himself struggling to believe in the decisions made by the political elite of his home country. Jose Manuel Gonzalez decided he would put himself forward as a candidate for the National Assembly in a bid to reform the regulations he believes were strangling the agricultural industry, and leading to problems for the people of Venezuela who were left with limited options for buying food.

Gonzalez feels rightly proud of the difference he made in his political role, but believes the politicians of the country should be held accountable for their role in the problems the country faces. The farming experts believes his decision to attend all meetings and debates is one all politicians should replicate as the future of Venezuela is too important to dismiss out of hand. Gonzalez has been fighting to show the world that Venezuela has the ability to support itself with food grown locally, but the hands of members of the agricultural industry have been tied by rules and regulations. In a bid to provide more food for the people of Venezuela Jose Manuel Gonzalez showed pragmatic side by arguing for a more stable market for accepting imports that could make life easier for the people of Venezuela in the future.

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