Life accomplishments of Banker, David Osio

The real estate market is changing year after year sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. Sometimes the economy hits rough patches and the housing market falls. On the other hand, technology has helped the market grow. Potential buyers have options to find and tour houses virtually from an app on their phones. One guy in particular who has been deeply involved with connecting apps with the real estate market is David Osio.

Davos Real Estate Group has just announced that they will be rolling out the “Davos CAP Calculator” to customers that may be interested. This group is a smaller, independent part of the Davos Financial Group. The Davis Financial Group is a worldwide financial leader in the Latin American area. The company has been working for nearly two decades and is still trucking along. The group offers expert financial advice.

The business is focusing on creating the best investment strategies to satisfy well qualified clients. This requires the group to constantly role out high quality products to keep attached to the real estate market. All teams involved in making the mobile application constantly work with the real estate market have lots of training and are licensed.

Over the last six months the executives for Davos Real Estate Group have been working closely with Tecknolution, a useful tool to help customers estimate the gain of an investment property.

The new mobile app has been created and tested on all the latest generations of smartphones and tablets. So it can be trusted as safe and reliable. The app can be purchases at the App Store of Google Play store. The first app that has been released is mostly used as a test run to get feedback from users. There will be more apps in the future that can pair with the app. Users will soon have the ability to find real estate locations through mobile applications and then send information about those properties.

Osio has been providing solid financial advice for a long time now. His connections have allowed him to work closely with independent and licensed companies in bigger cities around the world including New York, Miami, and Panama. He used to hold an executive position with Letco Commercial Companies in the marketing department. Osio got into law for a little while with Caracas law firm MGO. He worked as a legal advisor and got valuable banking knowledge.

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