Securus Technologies: Journey to Investigator Pro

Securus Technologies has been founded with the sole purpose of providing people with some of the best communications services for corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies. One thing that Securus Technologies is very passionate about is improving the efficiency of the justice system in many different aspects of the industry. For one thing, they not only seek to help prisons and law enforcement enforce the law and sentences, but they are also seeking to help prisoners rehabilitate to the outside world once they are released from hard time. There is a lot of technology that they are having installed in prisons so that prisoners can get the education they need in order to be able to continue on with their life after doing time.


Securus has made another leap in law enforcement. Their subdivision, JLG Technologies has released a new kind of software that is designed to recognize voice. As a result, investigators are more able to prevent a crime. This software is called Investigator Pro 40. One very important feature of Investigator pro 40 is searchable voice technology. This allows investigators to be able to figure out if there is any gang related activity. They can do this by using voice recognition to trace every conversation that involved a certain voice among inmates through phone conversations in order to see if there is any crime that is being planned.


Securus Technologies is located in Dallas Texas and is serving thousands of law enforcement, corrections and public safety agencies. Their goals is to help these facilities keep society safe for civilians and citizens. However, they also serve 1,200,000 inmates throughout the United States. Securus Technologies is showing itself to be very influential in making sure that the world is a safer place for people. They also offer communications services for inmates.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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