Magnises is the Cool Black Card Used for Getting into the Best Clubs in the City

Members of the Magnises card are not disappointed in attaining the cool black card. It is a terrific payment tool and provides the millennial user a way to get into the best clubs in the city–with no hassle whatsoever. It also provides the user with an app, wherein, he or she can determine what event looks enticing, within the city; and information on deals or discounts.

The target audience of the Magnises card is between twenty years of age and thirty-two years of age. The potential card member must first fill out an application, online. He or she is then provided with a phone interview. Once approved, the membership is $250, annually. The member from this point forward, connects his or her bankcard or preferred debit or credit card to his or her heavy black metal card. The addition of the element of ClubPass, makes it possible for the millennial to get into the city’s best clubs, without any hassle. There are also “members only” private events.

The Magnises card is a payment tool and a lifestyle card. It allows the member to pay for purchases, since it is linked to his or her preferred debit or credit card, and it allows him or her to enjoy the exclusive privileges of its members, such as special events, and ease of access, into the city’s most popular nightclubs and speakeasies.

The Magnises card member may, too, use its clubhouse location which is a stylish and contemporary Penthouse. The penthouse is located at the Hotel on Rivington on Twitter. The member wishing to plan a business meeting or special event is afforded with the hotel’s catering services and open bar. Too: since it is a members-only clubhouse setting, there are scheduled DJ late-night sets and other planned events.

The card is well-worth the $250 annual fee. It provides its member with social freedom, a city connection beyond compare and interaction with many millennial card members on

The card was originally launched in New York City and now has launched in three other major United States markets–those being, Washington, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco. The Magnises card creator, Billy McFarland, has been described as a young genius. The twenty-three year old CEO has definitely found his calling in way of favorably monetizing upon the millennial market, with his unique and welcome payment and social perks card: Magnises. There is truly no rival of the social perks card and it proves indispensable to the professional millennial, who wants to involve him or herself within the city scene.

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