Discover The Benefits Of Securus Technologies For Your Inmate Calling

Thousands of inmates and their families complain about the rising cost of correctional facility calls and are looking for an affordable quality solution. Staying connected can make all the difference in an inmate transitioning to the outside. Securus Technologies is a reliable solution for inmate calls. You can talk for a fraction of the cost of other inmate calling networks. In fact, Securus is widely known for being an inmate regulator, but has recently offered inmate services to customers in the local calling area. They discovered a few inaccuracies in a fourth quarter audit of Global Tel-Link and now all Louisiana customers get free inmate calling for a limited time.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Chatting


Video chatting features allows inmates and their loved ones the convenience of talking face-to-face. You can chat for a fraction of the cost of a traditional inmate call. You will have the privilege of having a high definition video that gives you complete control. You can control the volume and the sound to meet your expressed needs. Thousands of customers worldwide depend on the services of a Securus and powerhouse Vimeo to give them a guaranteed high definition video. You can even visit loved ones over the internet now if you’re on their mailing list.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates have a personalized phone system that will allow them to retrieve messages when it matters the most. Voicemail messages can help them work with their legal counsel, get help from their loved ones, and prepare for a life outside of the facility. They can purchase an access code that gives them the voicemail option from their commissary. You’re encouraged to find out more about Securus Technologies by visiting their secure website for more program options and promotional offers. Secure your inmate calling with Securus Technologies. Watch more on


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