To Know Igor Cornelsen Is To Know The Markets Of Brazil


Doing business and investing in Brazil goes much better when people consult Igor Cornelsen for great advice from a local professional expert. He has become a go-to resource for all kinds of business and investment consulting, both to the business world and for high-profile individuals that followed his renown. For in South American markets, it is Cornelsen that is considered the well-educated and successful investment advisor for many, especially when they are people foreign to the ways of Brazil. He has become key for many major deals bringing investment from outside the country into his native Brazil. In this way he has assisted in building up the fifth-largest economy of all the markets of the world.


The elite business people and government leaders of Brazil are all familiar with Igor Cornelsen’s face. He is solidly connected with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the Western Hemisphere. Not only does Cornelsen possess almost encyclopedic amounts of vital information pertaining to connections in the government and most major corporations that operate there, he also is a sage advisor on cultural and environmental issues. He is on a first-name basis with many of Brazil’s most important investment bankers. He also has conversations with the leaders of small business enterprises there, and maintains many LinkedIn connections with prominent industry leaders.


In Brazil there are more small business owners, started and operated by close families, than there are total employees of all the large corporations. Visitors are sometimes surprised by the barrage of advice offered, for a fee of course, by any and everyone they encounter. Cornelsen is a horse of a different color. He charges a reasonable fee for his advice, because his advice is golden. His clients consistently become wealthy and thankful for his sage counsel.


When his clients ask about any aspect of Brazil, Cornelsen is a ready resource. He explains the intricacies of his home country’s imports and especially export industries – most focused on agriculture, all types of business enterprises – with many examples clients can investigate, and the application of various technologies to win big in the large market Brazil affords.  Learn more about Igor on his official website here:

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