Diversity within Diversant LLC

The Untied States is not well known for its ability to diversify within the work place. There have been hundreds of stories and news casts on the disaster that is American relations with equal opportunity through employment, and these statistics have not really gotten any better over the course of the decades since the success of the civil rights movement. Luckily for the United States and those who live in the country, there are individuals and organizations who are more than willing to make an attempt at creating corporations that provide the support that these people who identify as social minorities require.

Diversant LLC is the brainchild of John Goullet, and is proudly identified as one of the only progressively growing African American corporations in the United States. The company was recently crowed a certificate for being a minority owned business, and has received praise the world over as being a leading company in its industrial field. The company is an avid provided of strong job opportunities for members identifying as being minorities; giving them high paying wages so that they are more able to support their families while they help to build the company that has allowed them to reach these goals as well.

The creator of Diversant LLC, John Goullet, is an interesting man, and one who has taken his love for his country and heritage to the next level. Goullet started his career as a philanthropist, entrepreneur and humanitarian civil rights leader through the information technology industry in 1994. At this time the pioneer was able to craft a powerful information technology empire whose purpose was to provide excellent work conditions for people of color. Under his command, Diversant LLC grew from an small privately owned corporation into a company that had earned over thirty million dollars in profit and was being eye balled by top ranking companies in the Fortune 500.

John is a strong willed and compelling man who knows that the world can be lonely and often times harsh. In order to combat this he has given us Diversant; the answer to race.

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