Jason Halpern- His Contribution to JMH Developments

Jason Halpern is tasked with leading a full-service real estate development company that offers top quality reality solutions for real estates. Jason leads in the development of properties using innovative approaches to become a pioneer in the industry. As a real estate developer, Jason took control of the family business; JMH Development in the year 2010. The family has made investments and they currently have $500 million in investments. One of the known attributes for Jason Halpern is the restoration of historic structures.


JMH Known Investments
One of their known investments is turning a warehouse into 340 luxury apartments. JMH Developments announced a major development project to be constructed at South Beach. The project proposed is a 235-room hotel scheduled in early 2015. Jason collaborated with Madden Real Estate Ventures for the design. Plaza construction handled the construction part with the architect being handled by ADD Inc. Compared to the competitors, JMH Development sought to have the best constructed buildings having the best features; larger rooms and fast efficient room service averaging over 360 square feet.


The construction process for the opening of the Aloft South Beach is considered to be a major milestone for JMH. The property that will hold the Aloft South Beach offers a prime waterfront access to famous points like Lake Pancoast and the Collins Canal. A perfect location like in the heart of South Beach and along the shores of Miami Beach ensures people attending nearby conventions will have access to the hotel. Guests staying in the hotel will enjoy an outdoor pool, a 24- hour fitness centre, a roof deck lounge enjoying approximately 2,349 square feet of flexible space. The investment favors both social gatherings and business meetings. JMH Development will make sure that their guests are entertained by live, local and international artists that accommodate some of the hottest bands.


The ability to change the traditional hotel landscape to the fresh approach offered by the 100 hotels is a breath of fresh air. JMH Development will open approximately 100 hotels in 14 countries around the world. The Aloft Brand offers a tech-forward, vibrant experience and a modern design offering different styles. A website was also created to make sure that all necessary information is available. Brands need to be understood especially considering the needed portfolio’s that offer professional services. The target set by the hotel will mainly include the rich and the well to do families.


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