Month: December 2016

Josh Verne Highlights How To Be Successful In Business

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Who Is Josh Verne?   Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has built up and started several businesses. What is most remarkable is that Josh Verne never attended college. He is proof that hard work and hustle can bring great success in the business world. Another quirky fact about Mr. Verne is that he is…

The Chairman of Capital Group

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The leading candidate to assume the chairmanship of Capital, Tim Armour, has taken a prominent role. His role is regarding the fightback of active fund managers against the rise of index tracker funds. Capital has fallen behind a new generation of passive fund managers. It will be a challenge for the company to rebuild its…

Serious Entrepreneur – Mark Sparks

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Marc Sparks is a larger than life type of guy. At heart, he is a true entrepreneur. His ability to visualize and decipher a path for a company has worked time and time again. He has started up many companies throughout the years and acknowledges that sometimes success is found and other times failure is….

Insurance Claims Drag On For Bruce Levenson After Hawks Sale

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The sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment to billionaire Tony Ressler seemed to pass off without a hitch, but for the former ownership group an unpaid insurance claim they made with AIG is keeping them ties to the team they led over a successful decade. According to…

Don Ressler Helps Create Successful Companies Like JustFab

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Don Ressler has many years of experience as a prosperous businessman and has founded many start-up companies. His first success was, that was later bought by the company Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler partnered with Intermix’s COO to create Alena Media, an affiliate of Intermix Media. This was a division of Intermix that…

Handy Cleaning Company Excels in the Business of Cleaning Homes and More

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Handy Cleaning Services has become one of the most interesting startups of our time. This is a company that has managed to build a client base that serves millions of different homeowners around the world. This company serves Millennials that are no longer use phone books. They are booking services for apartment cleaning NYC online,…

Where Sam Tabar Goes From Here

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Sam Tabar has managed to compile quite an impressive list of accomplishments in his life. His accomplishments are even more amazing when you stop to consider the fact that he is still a very young man. He has consistently demonstrated a wisdom that is uncommon for people his age. There seems to be no limit…

Keith Mann Provides Scholarships To Uncommon Schools

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For people living in poverty, there are many disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is that most people who live in poverty usually live in an area where the school district struggles to provide quality education for the students living in the district. The school districts in poor areas tend to struggle to provide quality…

Flavio Maluf is the Leader of an Environmental Responsive Company

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Eucatex is Brazil’s most innovative company. The company uses a unique set of materials to produce items such as floor tiles. Eucatex uses the Eucalyptus type of wood to create its products. The Company is also highly reputable for its wood fiber insulation and liners solutions. The Eucatex Group also offers refined lumber equipment for…


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