Serious Entrepreneur – Mark Sparks

Marc Sparks is a larger than life type of guy. At heart, he is a true entrepreneur. His ability to visualize and decipher a path for a company has worked time and time again. He has started up many companies throughout the years and acknowledges that sometimes success is found and other times failure is.

Marc believes there is nothing wrong with failure and this is part of the learning process. He has no fear when it comes to trying something new or building a business. This type of mentality is critical as he understands that no one is perfect. One of the key attributes Marc Sparks has is consistency. He keeps trying new ideas, through keen instincts and a good support system he has been successful.

As for education, Marc Sparks is not college educated. He even references himself as a C+ high school educated kid. As mentioned above this hasn’t limited his ability to be successful. He has blazed a path few are open to going down. He hasn’t had any formal training and the majority of his ventures have been trial and error. This started right out of high school and at the age of 59 has been through many up and downs. The best way to learn is through experience and never quitting. Marc Sparks has taken this concept and run with it.

One of Marc’s equities firms is Timber Creek Capital LP. Through this business, he is able to fund start-ups and help build businesses. He takes the client through the entire process, laying out finances, short and long term goals and building the business model. He is a people person that wants to deal with issues immediately. This is great as it keeps people on task and accountable, even himself.

A great quality of a leader and entrepreneur is giving back. Marc has given generously to charitable organizations over the years. Two organizations he has worked with are Habitat for Humanity and Samaritan Inn. Samaritan Inn is a local homeless shelter in the Dallas area. One of the key aspect Marc loves about this organization is that they are just feeding people to make it by but to really empower them. Give them the help they need to make a difference and create a sustainable life.

This work can be highly stressful, especially during times of failure. Marc has found that being outdoor helps him deal with this stress. He is an avid outdoorsman, hunting, fishing, hiking and skiing just to mention a few. He also enjoys traveling, and while it’s relaxing he also gains a number of ideas from visiting the different locations and cultures.

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