Josh Verne Highlights How To Be Successful In Business

Who Is Josh Verne?


Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has built up and started several businesses. What is most remarkable is that Josh Verne never attended college. He is proof that hard work and hustle can bring great success in the business world. Another quirky fact about Mr. Verne is that he is the person who patented a Doritos pizza.


Mr. Verne began working in his hometown of Philadelphia. He started out helping his father at his furniture store in Philadelphia stocking items. The furniture industry would provide with Josh with great opportunities. After taking over his father’s store, Josh would expand the retail operations of his father’s store before transforming his furniture shop into a wholesale distributor business. Josh Verne even managed to expand his furniture brand, which he called Home Line Furniture, globally. The firm became known internationally for its quality and value and had a motto of “Make It Easy.”


Josh Verne spent 16 years in the furniture industry. He becoming president of the Home Line Furniture brand before selling it off in 2011. He then co-founded Work Pays Me with Jon Dorfman. This was a payment company that allowed people to purchase items over time through direct deductions from their paycheck. The idea was new and successful. Work Pays Me was sold to the company Global Analytics Holding in 2014.


The latest business endeavor of Josh Verne is a company and website called FlockU. Based on the web, FlockU is a peer to peer content sharing site designed for those currently in college. The concept behind FlockU is that college students can create content that is relevant and interesting to other college students. makes a profit by giving advertisers the chance to directly market to the college student. Josh Verne presently serves as chief executive officer of Flock U and started it up in 2015.


A Few Tips From Josh Verne On How To Be Better In Business


Of the numerous tips that Josh Verne laid out during his interview at a Knowledge For Men podcast, here are a few of the standout ones. He says that one must listen more and speak less. This allows you to realize more of what is going around you, will make you sound more authoritative and help you improve your business. Another tip is to work in a field that you are passionate about. Those who have passion push themselves harder and achieve great things. Josh is a testament to that. For more tips check out Josh Verne’s full interview on the Knowledge For Men podcast.

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