Video Visits For Christmas

Securus Technologies allows parents who are in jail to be there for their children at Christmas when it’s almost impossible. When a parent calls the child through the video system set up by the company, the child can see the parent. As the child gets up on Christmas morning, the child can tell the parent what was received from Santa. The parent can see the child pen presents and look to see what’s in the stocking. It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s a way for the parent to be a part of the special day.


Parents can see their children in their pajamas, rushing down the hall or down the stairs first thing in the morning after getting up on Christmas day. It’s a special time for children as the parent can share the joy of a new truck or a new doll. The parent can see the joy on the face of the child. While the visit might not last that long, it’s a way to show that the parent cares enough to be there while in jail.


Securus got this right. The company understands that a simple video visit on Christmas can brighten the world of a child. Parents are able to see what children open, especially if the parent has been able to send a gift to the child in some way. Each visit is about 10 or 15 minutes, but it’s long enough for the parent and the child to enjoy a little time looking at all of the new toys and gifts that are under the tree.


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